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Countdown To #StarMagicBall2016: Why The Star Magic Ball Is An Unparalleled Celebrity Event

Countdown To #StarMagicBall2016: Why The Star Magic Ball Is An Unparalleled Celebrity Event

I'm sure you'll agree when I say that here in the Philippines, if there's one event that cannot be rivaled in terms of star and style factor, it's the Star Magic Ball. Bringing together the stellar talents of the top country's premier talent management stable, it's one of those industry gatherings that everyone would like to be a part of, but couldn't, simply because its exclusivity is its main essence. Not because these stars don't like hanging out with the rest of the world, but because they hold this special night sacred—a once-a-year opportunity to celebrate no-holds-barred camaraderie, just themselves, the members of the Star Magic family. No work distractions, no need to put up walls to protect themselves from everyone watching—because once they enter that ballroom, they're in their own world, surrounded by their parents, and brothers, and sisters, in showbusiness.

We had the opportunity to chat with some of the main women of Star Magic, the wind beneath the stars' wings, the handlers, and they shared with us the many reasons why the Star Magic Ball is truly an event for the books:


They show off fashion as an art form to the world. The Star Magic Ball is a huge event in the fashion social calendar, an avenue for both iconic and emerging designers alike to showcase their exquisite creations. But more than that, it's like the stars' very own prom night, for which they get so excited preparing for.

"All the artists look forward to this. They sleep early before the day of the ball, di kami tumatanggap ng raket. Parang 'yan 'yung Oscars natin eh and they personally pick their own designers and glam team. Nakakatuwa lang din na we’re part of it, kami ang gumagabay at palaging nasa likod nila."—Luz Bagalacsa, Star Magic Handler

It promotes camaraderie and strengthens their relationships. All the biggest names in the industry will gather once again at the ball in their best gowns and suits—and literally light up the red carpet. But, just like any other A-lister evening, the excitement doesn't end once the event is over. In fact, it's just the beginning! The best part? Your favorite stars get to have some good bonding time with each other!

'"Yung bonding namin after the program ang masaya talaga eh, may time na after the ball nasa hotel rooms lang kami, sing-along, kwento kwento, madalas kami nag o-over night, kami nila Bea and Shaina tapos after 'nun breakfast pa kami, lunch, may time, umaabot pa kami hanggang pinanood namin The Buzz na, naghihiwalay kami gabi na. 'Yun yung maganda sa ball talaga, 'yung before, during, and after.—Monch Novales, Star Magic Handler


It showcases Filipino beauty and talent. There's no doubt that the Star Magic stars are the most brilliant in our land, and the ball, albeit "downtime" for them versus, say, concerts or shows, still showcase their spectacular talents through the production numbers, and their enviable grace and sophistication as they walk down the red carpet.


It strengthens Star Magic as an institution. The ball serves as welcome breather for the Star Magic staff and the talents, a time to bond with their fellow artists and staffers, mentors and friends from the industry. Definitely a fabulous occasion to gather and dress to the nines as designers drape them in one-of-a-kind ensembles to honor and celebrate their success. 

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Photographs from the Star Magic and ABS-CBN Publishing Archives




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