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In Focus: 5 Makeup Looks We Loved At Last Year's Star Magic Ball

In Focus: 5 Makeup Looks We Loved At Last Year's Star Magic Ball

You find yourself amidst the faces that launched a couple thousand likes. Last September, the annual Star Magic Ball once again gathered scores of the most stellar-dressed in utmost finery. If you looked even closer, their looks were the on-point artistry of the keenest makeup hands in the land.

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Kim Jones, Makeup by: Owen Sarmiento. Owen's makeup work on Kim is always exquisite. Once in awhile a revered trainer, he's clean and intense where it matters and his lines and proportion are excellent, forever on fleek. He's particularly gifted in matching the makeup to the outfit and adding an artistic twist or pop of color once in awhile. With Owen doing your makeup you're sure to look like a fresher, cover-worthy version of yourself.

Kim's look that evening was neutral around the eyes but with built eyeliner intensity on the outer corners. Kim's skin was semi-dewy and not severely powdered, blush kept minimal, but contouring game was kept strong. Owen finished her look with a shade of matte rose pink on her lips.


Kelsey Merritt, Makeup by: Anthea Bueno. I've worked alongside Anthea Bueno once as a makeup artist for a bridal stint (together we split a large set of 11 bridesmaids) and it was an honor! Gosh, that girl's super quick, clean, and gifted at making her subjects glow. Anthea's rise to fame as a brand affiliate artist then shot up after that. She speedily made her fresh mark among celebrities and models and doing exquisite editorial work for magazines.  

Kelsey's look by Anthea for last year's ball was fresh with more intensity around the eyes and on the lashes and brows with a very subtle inner corner highlight. Anthea's applied base was just translucent enough so that Kelsey's freckles could still be seen through a dusting of coral blush.



Kathryn Bernardo, Makeup by: Denise Go-Ochoa. Denise Go-Ochoa is famously known now as Kathryn's go-to girl for makeup. Her work on Kathryn is always clean, fresh, and distinct. She recently released a small signatured limited edition makeup collection alongside other makeup greats with local beauty brand, Happy Skin cosmetics.  

For Kathryn's look on the night of last year's ball, Denise revved up dewiness on her skin and stuck to a dusty pink scheme for lips and cheeks. Denise went utterly bold with eyeliner and lashes and somewhat softer on the brow.


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Pia Wurtzbach, Makeup by: Gery Penaso.  Gery Penaso is Pia's go-to makeup artist and also the same artist she was chatting with online the night she put on her own makeup for the Miss Universe pageant where she bagged the crown for the Philippines. Every few steps of the way upon her makeup application that night she would send photos for Gery to check online on chat and he would approve before Pia would proceed to the next step.

For Pia's Star Magic Ball look last year it was a classic case of the makeup looking uber intense up close but totally delivering results from afar. Purple lipstick might be the last thing you'll think of putting on for a ball but in this case from afar, in my opinion, it does the job.


Bea Alonzo, Makeup by: Juan Sarte. You mention Juan Sarte's name locally and "makeup master" is probably what springs up in people's minds. He is undoubtedly of iconic status already in the local style and beauty scene with years upon years of experience in both the advertising and showbiz spheres. Juan is known for his gentle and quiet manner of working and his clean, beautiful, and faultless work. His gift as a makeup artist, KC Concepcion mentioned to me personally, is not only the pretty outcome but also his troubleshooting and retouching skills. Given dozens of possible mishap scenarios on location Juan doesn't "wonder" about how to fix a makeup problem. He immediately knows what to do given shoots that involve sweat, humidity, and dark undereye circles. All that experience puts him right up there at the top plus his makeup is known to last for ages.

Juan's look on Bea last year played with neutral hues and strong definition on the brows and eyes. She was one of the few that sported a somewhat more nude lip that evening but Juan's skill guaranteed that the look was not at all flat. Intensely applied black eyeliner on the eyes as well as a load of lashes guaranteed a showstopping celebrity stare. Bea's skin was kept matte but with an expertly inlaid soft-focus glow.


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