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The Six Fix: Cool Ways Lauren Reid Makes Working Out Fun

The Six Fix: Cool Ways Lauren Reid Makes Working Out Fun

New-Girl-On-The Block Lauren Reid is definitely one of the stars to watch out for. Being James Reid's sister, the public eye can't miss this beauty, especially now that she's starting to build her own name in the industry—and not-to-mention a fast growing number of followers! Plus, she's totally a great inspo, especially in fitness!

Her workouts all look so fun that it stirs something in us that make us want to get off the couch and get into the groove! How does she do it?

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1. She dances to stay in shape! The most fun way to lose the pounds? Dance to the beat! Join a class in hip-hop, or if you find complicated routines too daunting, zumba is great for beginners. No budget? No problem. Find dance tutorials on YouTube and start shaking your body!


2. Pretty outfits = No boring workout sesh. Even in workouts, one must still look good. Lauren is never caught in a dull outfit—she totally slays in her sophisticated, and other times, colorful bra tops, leggings, shorts, and shoes!


3.  She mixes it up with a new routine every now and then. Stay away from the boring route and mix your workout with other routines. She sometimes goes weightlifting, the next day she's seriously tackling other gym equipment, and then she loves the dancing studio, too. Variety is key!


4. Playtime and gym time? Yes, she does! Nadine Lustre joins in by playing a round of Pak Ganern in a push up position. Extra challenge, accepted!

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PAK GANERN! Ending our workout with a little fun ???????? @nadzlustre

A video posted by Lauren Reid (@laurenreidabook) on


5. Outdoor workouts are must-trys for her, too. Because there more sweat-inducing activities out there to try, like Flying Trapeze.

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6. And of course, she does it with her girls. Having friends with you during sessions greatly helps in your motivation, plus it's totally #SquadGoals, as you're reaching for the fitter bod you all aim, together!


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