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The Six Fix: Things That Bring All The Feels To The MU Stage

The Six Fix: Things That Bring All The Feels To The MU Stage

There's just this undeniable chemistry between Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon that we, somehow, can't help but add them to our list of To-Ship love teams. It's like the crush ngbayan meets the wallflower guy in school—and when they finally got the chance to get to know each other, sparks fly and everyone thinks they're cute together. And they seem to enjoy each other's company so much that they think, too, that they do look cute together.

While both of them confirmed that they aren't in a relationship (yet), we can safely assume that they have that thing called 'mutual understanding.' This MU stage is sweet, exciting and full of possibilities. 

These things are what make their pairing refreshing, yet totally relatable. We've all been through these six things, yes? Raise your hand if you agree.


1. Taking countless photos together. First photo goes to printing along with all those cute snaps that followed after. The best one is your phone wallpaper. Taken in all angles, in all types of poses. This McLisse photo is cuteness overload—Elisse trying the pokerface while McCoy stays the good guy looking. Bagay!

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2. The beginnings of your friendship. How many pogi points for McCoy's character in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano for his uber kilig lines and da moves? Totally melting.


3. Making each other laugh. You know it's good when the other person makes you laugh and keeps you happy—even with just a glance (or stare, in this case).


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4. Random sweet messages. Thru text, chat, tweets, and posts. People really can spot if something is up—this thread speaks volumes of how Elisse and McCoy are with each other. 


5. The 'tulala' syndrome. Well, how can you not when all you do when he or she is not around is to think about them?


6. Giving something valuable. It could be small or grand, or a living pet like what McCoy gave Elisse (like they're a true family here!). Gifting that someone with something you know the other will love is giving a piece of yourself to them. Next thing you'll hand over? Your heart.

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