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Cheat Sheet: Here's How You Can Achieve These Stars' Star Magic Ball Hairstyles!

Cheat Sheet: Here's How You Can Achieve These Stars' Star Magic Ball Hairstyles!

The Star Magic Ball is happening on Saturday and we're all sure excited for this grand night. We look forward to how our favorite stars would look like, and hoping someday, to make them our peg if a chance of a ball comes. But hairstyles now are as versatile as our celebrities, and we can totally rock their ball mane for everyday! Here are five styles you can easily do yourself from last year's event—bid plain and boring hairstyles goodbye and say hi to great hair days ahead:


1. Lush curls. Prep your hair with serum or mousse spread evenly onto hair.  Once ready, get two-inch sections of your hair and wrap it around a curling iron—twirling it away carefully. Finger comb your hair for body. You now have BFFs Sofia Andres and Elisse Joson's hairstyle!

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2. Elegant ponytail. Look glam and all grown up like Kathryn Bernardo with this style. Spritz on texturing spray for body. Curl two-inch sections of hair and fingercomb to loosen the strands. Brush your hair back into a ponytail, leaving your bangs, and secure with an elastic. Then get a half-inch part of hair and wrap around the tie, the ends fastened with hairpins. Twirl your ponytail in one direction so it looks put-together, and finally, fix your bangs to the side.


3. Neat low bun. Brush your hair down to smoothen strands, then create a mid-part from the top to the back. Then knot the sections together like shoe laces. Repeat. Hide the ends under the knot and secure with bobby pins. Spray with holding mist. Done! You're now every inch of a beautiful lady, like Julia Montes


4. Chic, messy bun. First, curl your hair like you would normally do. Then comb your hair back, leaving one inch in front on both sides. Knot your hair and tie it up. Just let the strays at the back naturally fall for a more casual yet sophisticated look like Ylona Garcia's. Last step, set with hairspray.


5. Sleek short cut. Head to the salon and go short! To achieve Jodi Sta. Maria's sleek hair, simply blow dry hair inwards to frame your face. Part your mane on the far side of the head, and finish off with serum to keep it in place.

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