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In Focus: Here Are The Fun Things Your Kids Can Do At KidZania

In Focus: Here Are The Fun Things Your Kids Can Do At KidZania

The awesome thing about KidZania is that it lets children experience life as an adult. In order to prepare your children for the real world, here’s how your children can make the most out of their experience in a day at KidZania:


1. They get a career consultation as early as now. While children can apply for different professions inside KidZania, a career consultation at KidZania’s Employment Office will help the kids find the job that best suits them. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses, the kids will have an easier time deciding which career they should pursue.


2. Be a storyteller. Should your children choose to be a journalist, they can hone their newswriting skills at KidZania’s Manila Newspaper office. After that, they can hone their creative side at Kidzania’s Magazine Publishing Company, where they can train to write compelling feature stories and even come up with their own comic strip illustration.


3. Be a protector of justice. If your children dream of keeping peace and order intact, they can enroll at KidZania’s Court House and Police Department. For the former, they get to learn the processes of court cases, tackling different positions as a judge, witness, defendant, prosecution lawyer, defense lawyer, or complainant. For the latter, they can be trained to handle crime investigations as detectives.


4. Be a pilot. Wannabe pilots will be in awe once they step inside the Aviation Academy where they are trained on real flight simulators, and learn how to take off and land an aircraft. Aside from being a pilot, they can train to be a cabin crew member, too!


5. Be a doctor. As a top choice among the many professions in KidZania, children can role-play as surgeons, paramedics, or veterinarians, and perform simulated procedures. It’s the closest they can get to understanding the practice of medicine at a young age.


6. Be financially literate kids. As KidZania values the importance of saving, children also get an introduction to financial literacy, where they learn how to make the most out of their hard-earned kidZos (money, that is) to purchase items or avail of services inside KidZania. Through being financially literate, children will also get to learn how to responsibly manage their finances, an important aspect of growing up.

In addition to honing their financial literacy, children will also learn how to save money by having their own personalized ATM card and enrolling for their own savings account, where they can keep their hard-earned KidZos.


7. Learn how to drive. Children can obtain their own driver’s license and explore the city with a car. In addition, they will be oriented about car design and the basics of car maintenance which include checking a tire’s pressure and changing a car’s oil.


8. Show their care for the environment. Through KidZania’s Farm House Store and Urban Garden, children get to play the role of farmers, as they learn the process of how fruit and vegetable produce are made, from planting, harvesting, to delivering the produce.

Aside from produce, children become arborists as well, as they learn different tree species, which include narra, bitaog, and balete, among others, and how to take care of them.


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