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In Focus: The Different Ways It’s Fun To Be Jericho Rosales

In Focus: The Different Ways It’s Fun To Be Jericho Rosales

Like a mall, Jericho Rosales has it all: Dashing looks, a surplus of talents, a great career, and a beautiful and loving wife. It’s as if the hashtag #blessed was created specifically with him in mind. Guys, prepare to be envious, as we take a look at the different ways it’s fun to be Echo.

As some of you may know, Jericho is a big-time motorcycle enthusiast. He’s found many amazing things while riding his trusty steed.


He’s met a lot of wonderful people in his adventures, too.


And because he’s Jericho Rosales, he gets to do a photo shoot in an airstrip with his two loves.


When Echo’s not on a bike, you’d most probably find him riding the waves.


The only thing that’s better than surfing? Surfing with the wifey.


When there are no waves to be conquered, this is how he hangs.


Riding bikes and waves may be his greatest addictions, but the mountains give him a different kind of high.


When he’s at home, he makes it a point to spend time with Ocean, his adorable golden retriever.


And this little cutie!


As we’ve said, he’s a man of many talents. He cooks a mean sinigang!


And can stand on his head.


Is he also the next Mr. Miyagi?


Or is he the Dark Knight?


But while he’s got so much going on and has so many loves, nothing holds his heart quite like Kim. He’s not just #blessed, his relationship with his wife is also the epitome of #RelationshipGoals.


Now, here's every guy's question for you, Echo: How to be you po?


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Images from Jericho Rosales' official Instagram account




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