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In Focus: Sexual Harassment Is An Issue We Should All Care About Now More Than Ever

In Focus: Sexual Harassment Is An Issue We Should All Care About Now More Than Ever

Catcalling, Sen. Leila de Lima’s alleged sex video, and Republican candidate Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” back in 2005 all have one thing in common: They are, in one way or another, a form of sexual harassment.

In today’s society where anything can spread like wildfire, it has become more important now than ever before for us to talk about different forms of sexual harassment. It's time you have legit knowledge about its many different forms:


1. Catcalling. It's the simplest form of sexual harassment, which involves randomly complimenting women or whistling at them, especially if the person involved (it can be a male or a female, mind you) does not ask for it. Those who do the act may insist that they are just complimenting people passing by, but in reality these "compliments" are sexually suggestive. An example of this is that moment when Pres. Rodrigo Duterte whistled at a female reporter during a presscon; Partylist group Gabriela reiterated that it was improper for the president to do such an act.

As of the moment, the Quezon City government created an ordinance making such acts liable as a criminal offense.Fines from P1000 to P5000, along with a jail term of up to a year will be given to those who defy the ordinance. Right now, the ordinance is limited to Quezon City but we hope for a nationwide implementation of the ordinance as well.


2. Voyeurism. This form of harassment involves recording intimate moments without one's consent and awareness. Examples of this include sex scandals and peeping tom videos, which happen more often than one would expect. Following the controversy involving Hayden Kho with several women in sex videos, an anti-voyeurism law was crafted. 

Penalties for those who violate this law include a fine from P100,000 to P500,000, and jail time of as much as seven years, and violators include those who watch and share these incriminating photos and videos to the public. This also includes congress' intent to present the alleged sex videos of Senator Leila de Lima to the public, which is indeed criminally liable aside from being "disturbing."


3. Physical violence. This form of harassment is not limited to rape; instances of inappropriate touching and indecent exposure also fall under this category as well. Aside from the country's anti-rape law, a law against violence on women and children is also in effect, protecting them from such lewd acts. Depending on the gravity of the act, penalties can range to as high as reclusion perpetua for rape cases.


But really, the bottomline is, we should always keep in mind that everyone should be respected and treated with dignity, regardless of their gender, their clothes, and their personal preferences.


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez




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