Daily Diaries: 10 Habits Responsible Social Media Users Steer Clear Of

Daily Diaries: 10 Habits Responsible Social Media Users Steer Clear Of

Social media is a definite game-changer not just when it comes to connectivity, but also in terms of democracy, what with the many different platforms it brought about that help us express ourselves no matter where we may be. However, with the great power it allows us, also comes great responsibility.

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And today, we are appealing to you to be a responsible social media user—here are 10 things the responsible ones do that you must take to heart so you don't get annoying online:


1. Posting too many selfies. Why it's bad: Aside from being an intense form of narcissism, did you know that posting too many selfies may be alienating you from your friends? No joke.



2. Showing off excessive opulence (expensive bags, shoes, watches, etc.). Why it's bad: Aside from being a form of humblebrag (and not everyone on social media likes such people), doing so may put your life at risk. Just ask Kim Kardashian, who lost her $4 million engagement ring after posting it on Snapchat. 


3. Posting hate comments. Why it's bad: Social media should be a place for constructive criticism, not senseless posting of hate remarks or death threats. For sure, the likes of Julia Barretto, Angelica Panganiban, and Jessy Mendiola, among many others, would appreciate it if we avoid this bad habit.


4. Sharing news articles from unauthorized, unverified news sites. Why it's bad: With how fast news are delivered online, fake news can easily spread all over other people’s social media feeds (though Facebook is working a way to combat hoax news) therefore spreading wrong information and might even cause undue panic.

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5. Sharing TMI (too much information) posts publicly. Why it's bad: Reality check: Your followers are not interested in your incriminating posts. Unless you want to embarrass yourself, or worse be involved in a scandal of sorts. 


6. Updating your feed every hour (or worse, every minute). Why it's bad: As much as we like to share things on our feeds, sharing too much in the span of an hour or a minute can annoy your friends and those following your social media accounts. Other than that, constantly updating your feed gives hackers and thieves a better chance at getting to you, especially if your location settings are turned on.


7. Being too trusting and accepting friend requests from people you do not know. Why it's bad: With trolls and fake accounts proliferating on social media, there’s a good chance that these poser accounts might steal information from you, or can be downright creepy if they keep on messaging you online. 


8. Checking updates while eating. Why it's bad: Aside from being unethical as it hurts social conversations, studies do show that doing so can make us fat, as we would be prone to taking more snacks, just like when we watch TV while eating.


9. Checking updates while driving. With your eyes on your phone and not on the road, the risk of vehicular accidents is still high, even if you're using hands-free technology.



10. Posting for the sake of likes. Why it's bad: Nothing beats having a feed that's authentic, and not dependent on likes. Why? Because being too concerned with getting likes can lead to you pretending to be someone other than yourself (uh-oh). Or can even lead to you resorting to plagiarism or passing off a viral post (be it a photograph, a text, or video) as your own, without giving proper credit to the original post owner.


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