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Love Actually: Sam Milby and Mari Jasmine, Testaments To The Beauty Of Uncomplicated Romantic Bliss

Love Actually: Sam Milby and Mari Jasmine, Testaments To The Beauty Of Uncomplicated Romantic Bliss

Sam Milby and his girlfriend, Japanese-British model and TV host Mari Jasmine is the type of couple that will make you gush “bagay sila” the first time you see them together. For one, they look so good together. In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Sam shared how it all started, “Ako ang nauna [na nag-follow sa Twitter] but it’s funny because matagal na siya sa Pilipinas pero never kaming nagkita sa event or anything. She’s not a showbiz person. Hindi siya mahilig sa showbiz. Noong finallow ko siya sa Twitter, hindi niya ako kilala. She had no idea sa showbiz life dito."

Sam had been single for six years before he finally gave love another shot. Rumors of the two dating had circulated in the internet early on in the dating stage of their relationship, but Sam was quite adamant not to say anything about it for he felt like it was too early to tell. Until late in July this year, when Sam finally confirmed the rumors and admitted that Mari Jasmine is, indeed his girlfriend. 

In the same interview, when asked what is it about Mari Jasmine that made him fall for her, Sam explains "It just felt right. We have a lot in common also. It’s pretty much as simple as that. It just felt right.” In an interview with Boy Abunda for Philippine Star Ngayon, Sam further shares “She is very genuine. She is very simple in a very good way. She is not a showbiz person. She’s a very private person and I like that. Pati ‘yung pagdating sa relasyon namin, she wants to keep it private and I respect that, and I want also to keep it private. ‘Yung mga detalye, I don’t want to really share. It’s a nice separation from showbiz.” As for whether he thinks she's the one that he would spend the rest of his life with, Sam gave a meaningful smiled and said, "I'm hoping."

Though they'd rather enjoy their relationship quietly and out of the spotlight, these pictures seem to speak for themselves and show how this pair is full of love and happiness, which for sure, makes everyone wonder: What’s their secret to a blissful relationship? Here are four love lessons we've learned based on Sam and Mari's ultimate kilig photos:


1. Have fun working out. Who else can motivate you to burn those extra calories you gained from your awesome dinner date last night but the person you pigged out with? It's one of the more fun things you can do together instead of being lazy and boring.


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2. Hang out with each other's friends. Nothing beats the feeling when you see your girlfriend or boyfriend getting along with your closest friends. This only shows how much your partner loves you, as they go out of their way to not only get to know your friends but also to connect with them the way you do.


The couple with Rayver Cruz and friends after a late screening of Sam's movie Camp Sawi.


Sam and Mari with their good friends, lovely married pair Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales.


3. Enjoy a good game together (even if you're supporting opposing teams). Watching the NBA finals last season has never been more fun, at least for Sam, because he got to enjoy it with no one else but his girlfriend. And though they were cheering for opposite sides of the court, so to speak (Sam is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan while Mari is a Golden Gate Warriors supporter), at the end of game, they were both good sports, even taking a cute couple shot.


4. Keep things private. While many celebrity couples are all out on social media about their relationships, Sam and Mari prefer to keep theirs private. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Sam explains why they want to keep things that way. “Mas private person siya and I really respect that about her. It becomes more complicated when people try to be more involved. They try to think they know what’s going on. Most of my life is in the spotlight, in the public eye. I like the fact that she’s a very private person and she wants to keep our relationship private also,” he shares.


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