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Dining Delight: In Charge Of Your Office Christmas Party? This Solves Your Potluck Prob!

Dining Delight: In Charge Of Your Office Christmas Party? This Solves Your Potluck Prob!

It's been a problem Christmas party organizers have been facing ever since—where to get the party fare? When we were kids, it's easy because we were all good with the spaghetti and chicken combo. But as we grew up and discovered potluck, we started to always look forward to something new to be laid on the table, whether it's the fondue that your friend wants to impress all of you with or your mom's special kare-kare.

For this year's celebration, though, cut yourselves the hassle when it comes to the grub. If you're looking for a great-tasting, homecooked-style spread, Nawwty's Kitchen is your best option.

Trish Panlilio, the woman behind the brand, started this venture out of her love for luxe comfort food. And now, she's been catering to others and sharing her specialties that are sure winners on everyone's tastebuds.

For their holiday menu, she whips up her classic favorites. She says, "Stick to familiar tastes as this is always what's most comforting especially during the holidays. The twists can be based on personal preferences or intentions as this is what will make it most personal. Adding special ingredients also adds in elevating the dish."

Here are our recommendations, in case you're overwhelmed by their long list of goodies (although anything you choose is to-die-for). As early as now: Christmas Party Fare—checked!


Start the fun with yummy finger food! Prepare breadsticks and baguette slices and dunk it in this special Spinach Artichoke Relish Dip. You'll also love how the peanut-y taste balances out the saltiness of the grissini.

Spinach Artichoke Relish Dip


Grissini wrapped with Pancetta and Arugula


How about some passarounds for everyone while waiting for the venue to get filled? This delight is filling enough until the mains get served!

Pan Con Tomato with Dory


Love both salad and pasta? Have them in one plate!

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Farfalle Chicken Pasta Salad


Tender, succulent meat—who can resist another serving?

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Slow Roasted Beef Belly


Nawwty's Kitchen is best known for their paella. People love their Paella Negra and Crab Fat Paella, the Paella Valenciano doesn't disappoint, too!

 Paella Valenciana


And now, for dessert—try their unique take on a breakfast favorite: Amp up comfort food level by pairing bacon and ice cream. The result? A surprising match made in heaven.

 Homemade Bacon Ice Cream


Find Nawwty's Kitchen on Facebook or Instagram, or place your orders by sending an email to


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Photographs by Gio Vibar




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