Cheat Sheet: Your Guide To The Cutest Holiday Decor Themes + Decorating On A Budget

Cheat Sheet: Your Guide To The Cutest Holiday Decor Themes + Decorating On A Budget

Christmas carols have started playing in the airwaves. Indeed, the holidays are once again here and when you're in the Philippines, Christmas preparations are always early. We can't seem to hold our excitement about the upcoming festivities that once September rolls in, we begin putting up the Yuletide feel in our homes.

And now we're less than three months from the most anticipated of holidays. If you're one of those who still haven't got a clue on where to start decorating your home with Christmas ornaments (we know—the pressure in on!), we asked help from Metro Home & Entertaining's Editor-in-Chief Anton Barretto on tips and tricks to help you win over the decorating frenzy!

His first advice for beginners? Always have key focal points. "Consider the main areas of the home to help you decide on what you can put for an immediate holiday feel. A Christmas tree is always the center of attraction, but a good start would be to decorate your front door, a welcoming statement will spread the holiday cheer as friends and family enter your home."


But putting that greeting board is just the beginning—your next step is to think of a theme. He lists down three themes you may want to incorporate into your home's interiors for a different look this Christmas 2016!


Traditional Elegance. "These are festive holiday colors of red, green, and gold with a restrained and subtle opulence; touches of old world decor that remind us of the golden era, and; ornaments with embossed filigree patterns, velvet and silk trim, beads and glitter. 

Rustic Winter. "A calming palette of winter colors, pale pinks, soothing sky blues, and a pleasing purple shade. Do DIY and crafty fashioned tree trimmings in wood, straw, and other organic materials. Level it up with feather-clad balls or birds and butterflies to add a simple sophistication."


Bold & Graphic. "For a more playful theme, use bold bright colors. Not necessarily neon shades, but true hues of red, blue, yellow, turquoise, and orange. Also try geometric patterns and shapes. Have fun with kitsch and whimsy."


Overwhelmed? Don't! Spruce up your home while sticking to your budget. Here are Anton's fool-proof pointers on how to do just that:


Think of a theme. "And stick to it. You can limit yourself to choosing three elements so you don't go overboard in buying things."

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Re-use and re-cycle decor. "If you have balls you can paint plain or think of a pattern, wrap them with fabric or decorative trim." Get crafty!


Invest in high impact Christmas decor. "Do this instead of having several things spread around the house."


Go for timeless holiday prints. "For the dining table, if components for a centerpiece will come out too costly, find a runner for a rectangular table or a circular placemat for a round table with holiday motif or colors. Then put assorted glass bottles with red or green candles inside. You can put ribbons around the base or mini ornaments inside to carry the theme."

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Make everything in line with your choice of holiday decor. "Put holiday-themed throw pillows or throw pillow covers that work with your Christmas color theme to achieve a cohesive look." 


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