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At a Dead End? Claudine and JM Show You There's Hope

At a Dead End? Claudine and JM Show You There's Hope

Good news. Bad news. Oftentimes the latter overpower the former. This is the reason why in most stories, people tend to remember the conflict or the tunnel instead of the light waiting at the end. These two celebrities, however, remind us of the beauty in the breakdown—the chance to fight and get back up again.

JM de Guzman
Known for his role in the television shows “Angelito: Ang Batang Ama” and “Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto”, JM admitted to losing control and mishandling fame that led to his drug addiction in 2013. Like some unfortunate domino effect, his drug addiction led to his breakup with his girlfriend then, Jessy Mendiola as well as to his career's year-long hiatus.

But in a pleasant turnaround of events and upon volunteering himself to undergo rehab, JM slowly got back on his feet. Late last year, in a cast reunion of the show “Angelito” organized by the production crew, it has been reported how he expressed his apologies which in turn gained the forgiveness of everyone who might have been still harboring some ill feelings. More than that, it also provided the closure everyone he has worked with deserved.

At present, JM has been given another chance not just in Showbiz with his recent movie's box office success (That Thing Called Tadhana) but also in love when he announced a rekindled flame with Jessy Mendiola.

Claudine Barretto
Over the past several years, Claudine had been a magnet to all things controversial. From a violent airport altercation with a columnist to a longstanding rift with some of her siblings; from accusations of drug use to being physically abused, Claudine has been through it all.

But amidst the meltdown and perhaps bad decisions, Claudine only emerged wiser and tougher. Just recently, she has announced a renewed friendship status with her estranged husband, Raymart Santiago which seems to signal that they have now put things behind them for the love of their kids. She also has an upcoming movie project together with Kris Aquino, Iza Calazado, and Kim Chiu entitled “Etiquette for Mistresses.”


These stars may have been through their darkest times but by coming through it, they only showed there's no time too late to turn your life around. And if there's one thing their story brings to people, it's that: Life's challenges may go and try to dull your spark. But you can always choose to shine.





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