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Hot Stuff: Single But Want To Have Kids? Let This App Take Care Of It

Hot Stuff: Single But Want To Have Kids? Let This App Take Care Of It

Sperm and checkout—these are two words that we never thought would be possible to see in a mobile app together, that is until recently, when the London Sperm Bank launched the first-ever sperm donor app called London Sperm Bank Donors a.k.a. the “Order A Daddy” app that allows its user to order sperm for a price.


With the popularity of dating apps such as Tinder, this “Order A Daddy” app gives swiping a whole new meaning. Just like with Tinder, users can swipe through profiles after profiles of the sperm bank’s catalogue of donors. But unlike in the popular dating app, the profiles of the sperm donors don’t show their picture or even their name. What it does give you, however, is pretty much an overview of what to expect based on details of their Physical characteristics such as ethnic origin, eye and hair color, weight and height, occupation and qualification; Doctors’ Impression, a personal note from the doctors of the London Sperm Bank; Medical Information like the donor’s blood type; and Personality, such as his interests and hobbies.

Want your baby to have blue eyes? This app lets you filter through the donors' specifics.

So if you're one of those who really want to have kids but is unlucky with love (or is simply a control freak when it comes to the genetic makeup of your offspring), this app is a total game-changer.


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