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Daily Diaries: The Morning After, Things To Do While Crunching Through A Crisis

Daily Diaries: The Morning After, Things To Do While Crunching Through A Crisis

You wake up and it's today. Yesterday was that doomsday you never imagined or maybe foresaw fully in gradation. Yesterday, I don't know... a number of things might have happened to you, any one of these from the dark side of the moon, they range from the mind-boggling to the heartwrenching. Just encircle and choose your misadventure:

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a.) You lost your job, b.) One of your parents left the house (the one you like), c.) A new pet you've been nurturing disappeared or died by accident, d.) Someone snatched your bag (the new one with your valuables) and left you with the pet food, e.) A loved one passed away just when you thought things were improving, f.) You failed an exam not because your answers were wrong but because you didn't read the second half of instructions, g.) Your dearest confessed to cheating and they're choosing them, h.) The mean person with nice hair got promoted, i.) That sunset and sunrise photo swapping long-distance relationship logged out for the last time, j.) You missent a message about someone to them, or perhaps vice-versa someone missent a message about you to you. k.) You fought with a sibling or friend and said something irreversible. l.) You were "seen-zoned" online by your crush for the nth time (and to think you threw in that emoji), m.) You and x both gave up on each other, or...

n.) Fill in the blank______________

The reason for my mentioning all those horrid possibilities side by side is this... see how many of us writhe and suffer simultaneously with different problems but mistakenly choose to believe we're alone? If I've missed anything above that might have happened to either one of 7 billion of you, please bear with me. Whatever singular point of pain and misery, or series of unfortunate events that happened before the sun rose this morning, you are here.  


You just woke up and the worst thing is, life won't wait for you to feel better, no one yells "Cut!" upstairs, it just keeps rolling. So, what should you do? Might I suggest a couple of simple but mind-altering things to gently get you moving today?


1. Get up, go to a door or window, or that hole you punched into the wall and look outside. Look outward not inward. Let sight travel. Get some sunshine, polluted or not. Breathe in and breathe out.

2. Get a glass of water, and do a 10-15 minute stretching routine. Hydrate and move slow, but please move. Try this destressing workout as my suggestion, no equipment needed, demonstrated by pro fitness instructor, Kelli. Get your blood moving before those thoughts do.  


3. Write it and trash it, or shoot and delete it. Write down five things you hated about yesterday. When done, read them out loud once then crumple it and toss it in the trash.


If you don't have paper flip out that frontcam, vlog those five things on your phone, watch it once, and delete the file. 


4. Use your words. Say this out loud in an appropriate space, "No matter what, I am loved." No one's going to judge you, except maybe your dog. Say it out loud, loud enough to fill the room. I'm here to reassure you that no matter what you believe, those words are true. 

5. Treat yourself to a good breakfast with a friend, and do what you need to do. Eat something that you like this morning or something that you have been looking forward to and ask a friend to join you. If you're on a meal plan stick with what's for breakfast but maybe buy your favorite small dessert or ice cream after, or maybe a bar of chocolate. Then given whatever might have taken place which I'm really sorry happened to you, pick yourself up and go about your day as best you can.

Hope these jumpstarter steps helped you be on your way today. Nothing is as rockbottom as it seems. Here's a quick excerpt from an authored piece called What If.

"...plant sunflower seeds, as one Japanese farmer did soon after the 3/11 tsunami catastrophe. He planted them because sunflowers remove the radioactive isotopes out of the soil. To say 'I have a dream' today is to create beauty as the pursuit of the 'substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.' " - Makoto Fujimura, artist


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