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Cheat Sheet: Pro Tips On Darker Lips + Adjusting Your 'Ber Season Lipcolor

Cheat Sheet: Pro Tips On Darker Lips + Adjusting Your 'Ber Season Lipcolor

We're well into 'Ber season style territory now, and there's always talk of how to wear darker lips "safely" or more "conservatively." I think what women really mean when they mention this is a number of them don't want to be mistaken for trying too hard to look stylish by suddenly sporting a bolder lip. With any trend, I say it doesn't really matter what people's initial reaction is to you wearing it. That shouldn't be the full-on basis—what is of greater importance is that you know for sure deep inside that it aesthetically improves you and you feel comfortable with it on. I am also a professional freelance makeup artist and in my personal experience, a deeper shade of lipcolor can easily up the ante and add suitable contrast to any look.

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The shade I'm wearing here is the best-selling shade "Mauve 1" by Maybelline's Lip Gradation collection. One way that I somewhat tone down the "just applied-ness" and somewhat garrish, full-on look of bolder lipstick is by either doing a firm blot with folded tissue between my lips... or giving the back of my hand one firm kiss after application to take off the excess.

There's also the more artistic method of picking up a deeper shade of lipstick with your ring fingertip straight from the bullet and patting it directly onto your lips until the intensity pleases you. Whichever method you choose to sport a bolder lip in a more lived-in manner, please also take the time to watch British actress Kate Winslet's pro makeup artist of choice, Lisa Eldridge, teaching us a thing or two about darker lip shades. Lisa Eldridge has done professional makeup for over 20 years and also served in the past as creative director for Shiseido and now Lancôme.


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