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The Six Fix: These Travel Destinations Are Where Broken Hearts Should Go

The Six Fix: These Travel Destinations Are Where Broken Hearts Should Go

While there isn’t really a formula to heal from a heartbreak faster, there are several ways that can help you numb the pain and help take your mind off of it, like traveling for example. Cue in Whitney Houston’s hit song “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” (Or One Direction’s song of the same title if you’re a millennial). We rounded up six destinations worth visiting if you're mending a broken heart, other than Baguio and Sagada, of course.


1. Zagreb, Croatia. What to do with all the stuff your ex gave you or left at your place? You donate them to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. Conceptualized by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišic, this museum amassed an incredible collection of stuff donated by people whose relationship failed. Now, some people might think that going there is a terrible idea as it will only remind you of your ex even more, but on the contrary it will make realize that you're not the only one in the world, and if they can get over it, you can most definitely can, too. 


2. Nassau, Bahamas. While it’s really tempting to stay in bed all day and cry our eyes out after a breakup, you wouldn’t want to do that. We’d say, pack your bags and go on a Singles cruise to the Bahamas! This is a great way to unwind, mingle with other singles on board, and enjoy the beautiful sceneries, and beach. Sooner or later, you'd realize that you have already moved on, and ready to go back home as a better version of yourself. 


3. Lisdoonvarna, Ireland. After a heartbreak, it feels like you're never going to fall in love again the same way you did with your ex, but then how would you know if you don't at least give other people a chance to be a part of your life? And this Matchmaking Festival in the town of Lisdoonvarna, Ireland is the perfect setup for you. The festival attracts around 40,000 people every year as matchmaker Willie Daly sets up couples from around the world. He claims that “Will you marry me?” is the first question men ask women he introduces them to, “and they mean it, too!”. The cute Irish accent is just a bonus.


4. Bali, Indonesia. In her best-selling book, Eat, Pray, love, author Elizabet Gilbert shared that Bali helped greatly in her healing process, so why not experience its magic for yourself? Bali is one of those places whose serenity will put you at peace with life. While there, pamper yourself with some of the most relaxing massages and other spa services the island is known for.


5. Tawi-Tawi, Philippines. Here's one that's closer to home. No, it's still not Sagada. Another great way to heal from a heartbreak is to go on an adventure, like trekking to Bud Bongao in Tawi-Tawi. It will not only take your mind of him/her as you need to focus on your goal that is to get to the top, but once you reach the peak, the view will stun you and will make you realize how beautiful life is. 



6. Hong Kong. Brokenhearted? Go shopping! And Hong Kong is the perfect place to be. Aside from being only two hours away from Manila, there are so many things you can do in Hong Kong that you won't really have time to think about him. Lose yourself in shop after shop, walking around, exploring the city, trying local delicacies. Because really, shopping is a definite mood-booster.  

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