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Cheat Sheet: Help Non-Gym-Buff You Stay On That Fitness Wagon!

Cheat Sheet: Help Non-Gym-Buff You Stay On That Fitness Wagon!

It's bliss when you begin a workout routine after a long hiatus. What's ultimately tricky is staying on that fitness wagon and letting nothing throw your new rhythm.  

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What's important is getting your workouts in multiple times a week when possible. Here are ways of making it easier for you to not skip that workout session:


1. Keep a yoga/workout mat at home and at work. One thing to eliminate when staying fit is excuses and mat workouts are great because you don't need any heavy equipment to begin a workout. Workouts like pilates and yoga, I find, are good starting points for people who aren't gym buffs like myself. Also keeping a mat available at home and at work kills the excuse that you're not going to work out because there's no mat around.

2. Trying to save? Follow professional fitness videos online. A gym package can be beneficial but can also be a huge pressure point if the location is out of the way and then missing workouts while paying for them just adds to anxiety. On one hand, actually paying can push you to workout, but on the other, it's just added stress. Working out at home is possible, convenient, and there are professional videos you can follow online for pilates or overall fitness. Two of my favorite fitness channels are for total fitness and for pilates and bodyweight routines (Note: I wouldn't advise video workouts for people who are nearing their senior years unless supervised).


3. Wear athleisure clothing even before your workout. The new-ish coined term "athleisure" is a combined style of athletic and casual clothing. One way I've made an opportunity to work out more is going out in athleisure clothing or if I have a work dress code, wearing activewear underneath.

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Once I get home or arrive at wherever I plan to work out it cuts time in half just being ready to get moving. It may sound strange, but it worked for me. It's also best to have a minimum of three sets of activewear that you can rotate, activewear is instant laundry so you need extras for sure.


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