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Cheat Sheet: Tips For That Tabo, Saving More Water With Your Dipper

Cheat Sheet: Tips For That Tabo, Saving More Water With Your Dipper

The reality is you may or may not have a shower. Who are we to judge? Baths in Western countries refer more to cleansing routines done in the tub. Showers to them are well obviously taken in showers. Locally, the Tagalog word "maligo" kills two birds with one stone: Here we do manual bathing (which sounds strange but makes complete sense) with the use of a "tabo" or what is widely known as a dipper.   

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As a kid, I loved bathing with a tabo because that big cascade of water then was more refreshing and a lot more immediately wet than that noisy (I hated the sound of the shower then) automatic spray of water. Let's not take tabo bathing for granted.  


Back then, especially in youth camps I had out of town, there was a bathing sequence I used which helps save significantly more water and even time with your tabo. Some friends in camp and even on my Pulag trek wondered why I was so much quicker when it was my turn to bathe. This is common sense you may not have realized:

Instead of... Pour + Shampoo + Rinse + Soap + Rinse

Try this... Pour + Shampoo + Soap + Rinse 

You'll save more water and more time this way. To those who use hair conditioner, that's an additional bucket of water to be sure but you can still save more water overall when bathing with a tabo.


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