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In Focus: Why Juicing Is Such A Hit Among The Fitness Crowd

In Focus: Why Juicing Is Such A Hit Among The Fitness Crowd

We're calling it: The power of juicing is unbelievable.

Even the young ones who grew up with junk food in their daily diets and almost zero intake of even a piece of fruit or a bite of salad per week, have found that they actually like to incorporate this into their lifestyle. With the ongoing fitness trend, people are more keen and open to try stuff they've never had before. Imagine all those greens and yellows and oranges and other colors compressed to the pulp—then feeling surprised that it's really, really good. Wouldn't you stick to it?

With years of expertise in the juicing industry under its belt, Fruit Magic recently introduced its Pure Nectar line of freshly bottled juices made from natural ingredients. During the launch, they shared the importance of overall wellness and how juicing has made healthy living much more practical yet fun. Marketing Executive Arielle Escalona further explains why juicing is such a hit and why it's good for you:


It's healthy on-the-go. With the busy life we live nowadays, it's hard to find something inside a convenience store that's packed with all the nourishment you'll need. With a bottle of juiced produce, it's easier to keep your body in tip-top condition!


It's a convenient way of having good stuff in your body. Arielle relates a quote her dad used to say, "If you can't eat your salad, drink it!" It's the trick to keep yourself taking in the healthy.

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It can be a replacement for a meal. A bottle of Pure Nectar consists of one and a half kilos of fruits and vegetables. Aside from more than enough nutrients in a day, it's also a refreshing way to fill you up. Try to replace breakfast or lunch with it and feel the difference!


It keeps you on your wellness track. You won't worry that you're piling on the bad stuff, because you'll enjoy drinking your juices so much! It's a great motivator for a workout, too—make it your yummy reward after an hour of sweating it out!

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It tastes so good! It's not bland, and it doesn't taste like your salad, too. Just do it like Arielle does—incorporate the greens with your favorite fruit (hers is apple) and mix it up!


Are you convinced yet? Why not try concocting your own super drink—inspired by Pure Nectar, no less!


For greens beginners: Alka-boost. It's really sweet, you won't taste any of the greens you put in! This mixture contains alkaline greens which allows healthy flow of blood in your system. Mix: Cucumber, pineapple, apple, spinach, kale, and organic cane. 


For the adventurous: Restore & Renew. Perfect cholesterol buster, so you can go on with your fun activities minus the worry on your health! Mix: Lemon, turmeric, celery, basil, cucumber, organic cane, and orange.


For a pure start: Detox Fuel. Feel lighter everyday as this concoction flushes out the waste, thanks to super anti-oxidants. Bonus: It contains anti-cancer properties, too! Total win. Mix: Turmeric, ginger, cucumberm celery, and green apple.


For partyphiles: Green Supreme. Read: It cures hangovers. Another benefit? It supports weight loss. Sounds too good to be true? Mix one now and see for yourself! Mix: Romaine lettuce, parsley, celery, spinach, cucumber, ginger, basil, green bell pepper, apple, and calamansi.


For a C boost: Body Cleanser. Feeling under the weather? A glass will make it go away! Mix: Apple, pineapple, carrot, cucumber, and orange.


For the athlete: Olympian. This is the battery you'll need for your next game! Mix: Red beet, pineapple, and apple.


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