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Cheat Sheet: Your Guide To Which Hair Removal Method Is Most Ideal For You

Cheat Sheet: Your Guide To Which Hair Removal Method Is Most Ideal For You

Girls will do anything to achieve smooth and flawless skin. That's why hair removal methods are heavensent! These are secrets to girl stuff success—leaving us fuzz-free and more confident to flaunt our bodies. 

Among these methods though, which really works best? The answer, our dears, actually depends on you—your preference and comfort is utmost priority. You may be part of the No-Shave-Since-Birth Club, or a waxing virgin, but fret not. We made you a handy guide on which you should try and see if it's gonna work better for you. Times have changed and so upgrades are made, and we'll share with you the newest must-trys in the hair removal department. Read on!

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1. Shaving. Most girls resort to this hair removal method because one, it's easy and fast and two, it's cheap. But gone are the days when we only rely on shaving cream to avoid dryness—get those razors with an attached moisturizing stick for a smoother glide! Try: Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Gilette Venus Breeze Razor.


2. Threading. Usually done to remove facial hair, it's mostly known to achieve on fleek brows (of course with the help of your amazing brow products). There's a handy tool if you want to do it yourself—it's a butterfly-shaped threader that's too cute for words, available at Amazon. But we know you love your threading centers, and trust the brow salon staff to do their job at the best. Plus, it's totally relaxing to spend some time on their chair—an elating feeling of being pampered! Try: Browhaus Manila, Brow Studio or Manos Nail Lounge. [related: Cheat Sheet: Here's the Ultimate Trick to Find Out If Your Brows Are Truly On Fleek]


3. Depilatory cream. For those with low pain tolerance, depilatory creams are your best friend. With its easy application and use, more and more women are switching to this method. The best part is they made formulas for every skin type, so those with sensitive skin can make depilatory creams their go-to hair remover, too! Try: Veet Hair Removal Cream and Beauty MM Hair Removal Cream.


4. Waxing. It's not that painful, we promise. Starters can buy a pack of wax strips available at most beauty stores, but if you prefer to lie down and let another strip it off, there are a good number of waxing salons in every area of the metro. Try: Strip Ministry of Waxing's Queen Bee Wax, LayBare's Full Body Waxing, or Wink Laser and Wax Studio's Brazillian Waxing.


5. Sugaring. Similar to waxing, but uses sugar to remove the unwanted hair. There are store-bought sugaring products or you can DIY (go to YouTube for recipes and tutorials!), and some salons also offer this type of service. It's better than waxing because it's all-natural (and sweeter, if we may add) thus, better for your skin. Try: Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon's Cream Puff Face and Peppermint Pit-ty or Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon's Brazillian.


6. Laser. If you can afford it, go for laser. It zaps hair fast while keeping its surrounding skin harm-free. Although it will take several sessions to ensure hair-free days for long, it's an investment worth getting. Try: SkinStation, Cathy Valencia's Skin and Body Centre, Belo Medical Group and Flawless Face and Body Clinic.


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