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Daily Diaries: Can You Match The Ingenuity Of This Pinoy Manicurist?

Daily Diaries: Can You Match The Ingenuity Of This Pinoy Manicurist?

If there’s one thing that's totally impressive about Filipinos, it has to be their resourcefulness and ingenuity when it comes to making sure they get the job done. One example is this viral video, where a manicurist substitutes some manicure tools for everyday tools, which include a laundry brush and a blade sharpener.

While her unusual choice of tools provided entertainment for people (you can hear them laughing in the video), what’s more relevant is her effort in making the most of what’s available in order to do her job. The manicurist may be using tools that are not meant for the feet, but you have to give credit to her, as she did a good job, after all. Check out the viral video below: 



Still not convinced of how smart and resourceful us Filipinos can be? Check out these two other videos that best showcase Filipinos' ingenuity. 


1. This miniature backhoe, constructed out of wood and several syringes as its hydraulics, was made by a young student. Believe it or not, this makeshift backhoe actually works, and can dig soil and sand!


2. Age is but a number, as this Filipino scientist figured out how to utilize water as an alternative to gasoline in powering this motorcycle.



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Illustration by Jana Jimenez 




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