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In Focus: There's More To Coffee Than Meets The Eye

In Focus: There's More To Coffee Than Meets The Eye

When waking up in the morning proves to be such a struggle, especially when you’re not really a morning person, we all turn to coffee to jump start our day. But aside from the fact that it helps us stay alert and awake when it’s most difficult to do so, there are many other great benefits that we can get from drinking coffee, too great and cool that the International Coffee Organization declared October 1st, International Coffee Day. And to celebrate it, many brands and stores in the country came up with their own gimmick to entice their customers with coffee, among them is Pilipinas Shell who gave motorists that chose to gas up in Shell stations a much-needed caffeine boost for free as part of their Shell Specials Series. And to partake in this celebration, we narrowed down some of the great things coffee does to our body that we may not be fully aware of:


It sharpens your memory. As we grow older, our memory wanes and we tend to forget even the simplest of things such as our phone number, the name of someone close to us, or how and where we first met the person we’re talking to. But this study shows that coffee can actually help prevent it. Apparently, coffee can sharpen your memories at least 24 hours after you consume it, and drinking two to three cups of coffee a day can enhance your long-term memory.


It helps you burn calories. Yes, the cup of coffee you had this morning can actually help you lose weight. Here's how it works: Caffeine boosts your metabolism, which in effect burns calories faster. And if you really want to be all healthy with this, going with black coffee is the way to go. But hold up! Before you rush to the nearest coffee shop and drown your yourself with coffee in your quest to lose the extra pounds faster, remember that too much of anything will never do you good, and having too much coffee can lead to restlessness and even muscle tremors. So, as in everything in life, drink it moderately. 


It makes you happy. Coffee acts as an antidepressant. As explained in this article, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which produces the euphoria and pleasant feelings that are often associated to drinking coffee. So cheers to an extra dose of happiness!


It reduces pain. There's a reason why caffeine is normally one of the ingredients found in known pain relievers. As it can provide relief to different forms of pain like muscular and migraine just to name a few. Unfortunately, it can't numb the pain caused by a broken heart, but that's a different story. 


It can help lessen your stress . Don’t we all just love the smell of coffee? Now a study suggests that the aroma of the coffee alone is a certified stress-buster. Researchers from the prestigious Seoul National University discovered that sleep-deprived rats who were exposed to the scent of coffee experienced a decrease in brain proteins that cause stress. Now this research is linked to stress caused by sleep-deprivation, but it's still worth giving a shot. 


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