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Cheat Sheet: The 101 On The Multi-Tasking, Time Saving Skincare That Can Help You Get Maximum Glow

Cheat Sheet: The 101 On The Multi-Tasking, Time Saving Skincare That Can Help You Get Maximum Glow

In today’s hectic hustle and bustle we want so much more. We want to be able to take better care of ourselves in much less time. A better skincare regimen sounds frivolous in the midst of it all, but if smart multi-tasking is the key that gets us through the day then the same principle can somewhat be applied for upkeep’s sake. 

Multi-tasking products that cover more steps can slash your bathroom time without skimping on a bit of facial TLC.

1. Cleansing Oil / Makeup-Removing Cream Cleansers (Mineral and Essential Oil-free preferred, both are known irritants). This type of product compresses three steps into one. It removes makeup, cleanses the face, and in some cases nourishes the skin all in one go. If some of you don’t like the idea of something heavy or oil-based leaving behind residue, then go over your face with a clean, damp towel afterwards.


2. A hydrating or exfoliating alcohol-free Toner / hydrating mist. Toning is a second step that’s often just an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be.  Toning helps your skin glow.  If it’s a hydrating sort with an ingredient like hyaluronic acid then cream moisturizer may come in “as needed” depending on your skin type.  If it’s a glycolic exfoliating acid toner it should only be used once or twice a week in the evening and sunscreen must be applied the morning after.

In a way, the toner completes the cleanse, sometimes clears bacteria, and eliminates any residue and prepares the skin for night cream or serum in the evening on more relaxed days. SPF protection in the daytime is recommended.  

So go, pick your products, wash up, and get glowing as quick as a flash!


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