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Cheat Sheet: Here's The Ultimate Trick To Find Out If Your Brows Are Truly On Fleek

Cheat Sheet: Here's The Ultimate Trick To Find Out If Your Brows Are Truly On Fleek

The planet is flooded with step-by-step brow guides, they’ve spread far and wide. The 3-point way to map out your brow shape is taught in hordes of makeup classes and online videos.  However, by far, it’s this one pro tip in arch definition that uniquely elevates that level of brow sense.

To note distinctively, there are brows that are obviously defined and there are brows that are sensibly defined.

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It isn’t mentioned everywhere, but this final professional tip for “checking” was demonstrated to me by my French makeup teacher in a professional class abroad. We’re flooded with brow tips on “shape” and “shading” but there is rarely any further discussion made with regard to brow tilt orientation and aiming for that neutral expression when a face is relaxed. This is the way to check if you’ve defined a professionally neutral pair of brows.

Towards the center of the forehead if your brow orientation tilts upward, a person with a neutral expression will look mildly surprised when relaxed and way too surprised once they articulate. In an opposing manner, if your brows tilt downward towards the center a person will look too stern.  Professionally defined brows are balanced. Here is one way to check if your brows are balanced:


Relax your face after plotting out your brow shape. Hold up a perfectly straight object like a pencil or thin makeup brush horizontally just across the bridge of your nose, high enough to level with the tips of your brows and look straight into a mirror. If the tail points of your brow touch either end of your straight line while looking forward that is good, and if the front points of both brows also sit just on your straight line and not shy or beyond it at the center that is good. This final tip after the 3-point brow technique will help guarantee that you have a sensibly defined pair of eyebrows.


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez





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