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Cheat Sheet: This Is How Your Party Munchies Should Be

Cheat Sheet: This Is How Your Party Munchies Should Be

It's everywhere, anytime—parties in clubs, a friend's house, or your place. The party scene, indeed, is more alive than ever and more and more people appreciate nights out and drinking booze and chilling and having fun throughout the night.

Of course, a great party isn't complete without yummy passarounds that will fill your hungry tummy while downing glasses of mojitos. If you're thinking of throwing a house party soon, here are some pointers from Chef Mikko Reyes and Erwan Heussaff, inspired by the recent anniversary of their restaurant, Niner Ichi Nana. It was a night overflowing with so much food, drinks and fun, as should any party be!


Make it explosive. "I like to cook with a lot of herbs, spices, and citrus flavours. I like really explosive and in your face flavors but still keeping it well balanced," shares Chef Mikko. Explore with the ingredients, like this Shrimp Tostadas made more interesting with mango salsa, black beans and avocado in one bite!


Salt and spice and everything nice. To balance the alcohol everyone's consuming, salty and spicy food are your best bets. Add zing with roasted pepper or chili to your usual croquettes or savory tarts. You'll have your guests craving for your munchies the whole night, for sure!


Smoke them meats. 'Cause everyone loves smoked meats! Serve them in sticks and load them with herbs!


Go bite-size. So as to not get so much food wasted, in case your guests can't take the overflow anymore. Anything easy to pick up and eat is a staple. Chori sliders, anyone?

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Here are other tips from the duo to remember for your next party:

1. Don't forget to include party favorites: tacos or chicharron.

2. Don't limit alcohol choices; however, beer and whisky or bourbon would be great to serve.

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3. For Erwan, a great party includes: Batch cocktails, punch ceviche, tabouleh, serve yourself format, and a good playlist.


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