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Cheat Sheet: How To Werq It A La Janine Tugonon

Cheat Sheet: How To Werq It A La Janine Tugonon

Miss Universe 2012 1st runner up Janine Tugonon has been making waves as of late, with her latest accolade being part of this year’s Nu Muses. Aside from showcasing her exquisite Filipina features and her almost barefaced look in recent photoshoots, Janine's posing game is also truly note-worthy.

Let her school you on how to rock it for the camera in real life:


1. The “nanlalamig ang mukha ko” pose. How to nail it: Use sweater's collar to cover your mouth, with your hand resting on your face, holding the collar.


2. The “I woke up like this” pose. How to nail it: While lying down on your bed, fix your hair a bit, and take that selfie with a beaming smile.


3. The “wind on my hair” pose. How to nail it: Just let the wind do its job, while maintaining a serious aura.


4. The “smiling while fixing my hair” pose. How to nail it: Smile for the camera, while using either your left or right hand to pretend that you are fixing your hair.


5. The “Dora the Explorer" pose. How to nail it: While in the middle of a crowded area with your backpack, firmly hold the backpack's straps, and pose with your best angle in front of the camera.



6. The “waiting for my ride” pose. How to nail it: While sitting on the bench, slightly slouch your body and give that slightly annoyed, diva-esque look in front of the camera (but nothing too strong please or else you'll look mad).


7. The “medyo disappointed” pose. How to nail it: Standing behind a wall, do a half-smile in front of the camera, with your hair flowing freely, like how you would feel when your date backs out at the last minute (OH NO HE DIDN'T???!!!).




8. The “Astig” pose. How to nail it: Put on a beanie, smize in front of the camera, as if you are unfazed with the paparazzi taking your photos.



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