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In Focus: Here’s What Flying First Class Is Like

In Focus: Here’s What Flying First Class Is Like

The thought of boarding a 12-16 hour flight can be really stressful for many, but for those who don’t mind spending extra, flying can be nothing but pure pleasure. Though it can be really pricey, choosing to fly first class over budget economy can help make that long-haul flight a lot of us really dread way better. Just recently, Anne Curtis got upgraded to first class and she loved it! But as much as we all would like to go for it, our wallets and bank accounts just won’t agree. Though that’s not to say we never can, while we save up for that extravagant trip we all sure deserve, here's a peek into what flying first class is like.


You get your own suite. You don’t only get extra leg space, you get your own little suite all by yourself with a seat that can be transformed into a comfortable and spacious bed. How cool is that?

Emirates Airlines' First Class Private Suite


Singapore Airlines' First Class Suite
Etihad Airways' First Class Apartment 


You get a personalized dining experience. I think we can all agree that most in-flight meals aren’t the most appetizing. In economy, you would normally be given two options, while in first class on the other hand, well, you get to request what you want and the in-flight chef will cook it for you. To top it all off, you'll get to enjoy your freshly-cooked (not heated) meal on fancy plates with silverware, instead of the plastic or foil container in economy.




You’re welcomed with luxurious amenity kits. Part of the whole luxurious experience that flying first-class brings are the amenity kits. Now, each airline has its own version of amenity kits but they usually contain basic necessities and more. The kits contain not only toothbrush and toothpaste but they also come with a facial cleanser, moisturizer, shaving kit, among others. And each airline partners with top beauty brands, like Kiehl's and La Mer.


You have access to the in-flight bar. Here's a good way to stretch your legs and mingle with other first class passengers at the in-flight bar, where you order drinks and have a good chat with people. Who knows who you might meet there? 


You’re treated with an on-board spa and/or shower. One of our biggest issues with long-haul flights is that we won't be able to freshen up before landing in our destination. And for those who are going straight to a meeting, most airlines have fully functional showers and a spa exclusive to their first class passengers where they can use a selection of luxurious toiletries from brands like Bvlgari, in Emirates' lavish shower.




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Photographs courtesy of Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, and Etihad Airways






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