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In Focus: 10 Hotties That Will Make Conquering Mountains Much More Exciting

In Focus: 10 Hotties That Will Make Conquering Mountains Much More Exciting

To get the best out of a relationship with someone who is adventurous, it is best to see the world the way they see it—preferring to trudge through new territories and leave a familiar world behind. One activity all the hot and adventurous men are trying now is mountaineering! Truly it is an exhilarating experience. It takes you to the top of the most beautiful places in nature and gives you a great workout at the same time. And these days, opportunities for adventure and conquest are rare. Yes ladies, when you fall in love with a traveler, you’re guaranteed to be grateful everyday, and you’ll be in for the best ride of your life.

Here are 10 men who just keep on plunging into new territory and conquering the tallest peaks—most of them are taken, but hey, they're still eye candy:


1. Atom Araullo. Climbing entails a lot of planning, organizing, and responsibility, even if your travel style is spur of the moment and doesn’t involve a strict agenda. Guys who frequently travel know how to plan and accomplish their dreams. Just like this young and intelligent man who always impress us with his incredible commitment whether in work and or in life matters.


2. Erwan Heussaff. These types sure know how to appreciate many different kinds of people from various walks of life—no matter if they're a hotshot in their respective fields. This makes Erwan true #boyfriendgoals as he and girlfriend Anne Curtis keep on treading new territories together.


3. Matteo Guidicelli. An adventurous guy is used to living in the worst conditions and even better, thriving in them. Matteo has definitely proven his mettle in this arena!


4. Billy Crawford. They are always heading off on a new adventure. They say yes more than they say no, and are pretty much up to try any idea you come up with. They think outside the box and appreciate the adventures of everyday life. Coleen's one lucky gal what with Billy always being up for adventure.


5. Chito Miranda. Life always has plenty of curve balls, no matter what stage of it you are in. But when you're with the kind of man who knows how to work hard to reach the summit, you are in a relationship with someone who knows how to handle life’s challenges. 


6. Nico Bolzico. The activities you can partake in are endless. You name it, they want to do it. More difficult rapids, longer rides, harder courses, higher peaks, more difficult terrain, and more intense weather conditions. These types of men have goals and will push themselves and want to be pushed by you.


7. Adrien Semblat. They have a ‘go with the flow’ type attitude and will understand that not everything always goes as planned, as long as they’re getting to spend the majority of their time outside in the fresh air, they are in good spirits.


8. Vince Velasco. Nothing will get you out of your box more than dating a guy who loves to travel. He loves to go to new places, see new things, and try something new. You’ll find yourself in places you’d only dreamed of going, and they’ll constantly push you to try something new or not let yourself fall in a rut. Just like Vince, this kind of guy will make you want to try new things because he'll show you the beautiful possibilities stepping outside of comfort zone brings.


9. Piolo Pascual. Because of their open-mindedness and well-rounded experience in life, men who travel are much more likely to have better insight into people and situations. 


10. Marc Nelson. Eating healthy and working go hand in hand with being an outdoor enthusiast. In order to produce the best results in whichever sport, they must fuel their body correctly and get a good rest to provide themselves with the energy they need to accomplish their goals.


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