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In Focus: How Two Miss World Philippines Queens Give Twinning A Whole New Meaning

In Focus: How Two Miss World Philippines Queens Give Twinning A Whole New Meaning

In a cutthroat industry like modeling, true friends who will last years can be quite hard to come by—especially those whose looks are similar to yours. You're competing for the same jobs, so it's better if you're not too chummy, they say. But these two beauties totally prove that wrong.

When Catriona Gray was hailed Miss World Philippines 2016 last night, social media was flooded with congratulatory messages for the stunning half-Filipina, half-Aussie model-singer—the most heartfelt, perhaps, would have to be that posted by the woman who was once Miss World Philippines herself, Valerie Weigmann:


Even if she was halfway around the world (and in a different timezone), Valerie did not fail to send her well wishes to her modeling industry best friend! Awwww! The two, who can pass off as sisters, have been close friends almost ever since Cat moved her to try her luck in modeling and music. They belonged to the same agency, IM Agency, which made them pretty much "modeling sisters."

Twinning just became a whole lot sweeter with how these two do it:

Werqing it all glammed up...


Showing off just how lush waves are lovely for twinning.


It's still looking in sync even off the runway...


Hamming it up for the camera without fear of looking too wacky...


And literally shooting arrows together.


BFFs rock!


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Photographs from Valerie and Catriona's Facebook pages




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