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In Focus: How The "Double Hearts" Digital Concert Redefined #FriendshipGoals

In Focus: How The

Four talented girls, one stage, a jampacked venue—that was One Music's Double Hearts digital concert featuring Loisa Andalio, Maris Racal, Sue Ramirez, and Kristel Fulgar in a nutshell. The four girls may come from different walks of life, but they prove that their distinct personalities are in harmony with one another.

In a sold out show on October 2, fans of Loisa, Maris, Kristel, and Sue came in full force for the girls' one-night-only performance, and needless to say, they got more than what they asked for, what with these four things:


1. The girls' closeness to one another.  Their strong bond was so apparent; teasing each other in-between sets is a normal thing for the four, too much information (TMI) moments included. 

Their definition of #FriendshipGoals? Sharing their love for singing.


2. Their playful attitude in-betweeen songs. With their distinct personalities, which include Sue’s astig character to Loisa’s shy but kabog persona, the four girls blend together very well on stage. Be it random tirades, rap battles, staying composed in front of the boys (Paul Salas and Diego Loyzaga were among the guests), they managed everything well armed with loads of energy and their go-getter attitude.

Paul Salas gamely showed off his abs, to Sue' and Kristel's (and the audience's) delight.


 The girls even had an impromptu rap battle.


3. Their ability to transform their stories into songs. Aside from singing, these girls have a knack for writing good songs inspired by their feelings. Their personal experiences became an inspiration in writing their original compositions, like Kristel's “If I Fell” and Maris' “Take It All Away.” We can't wait for Loisa and Sue to come up with their original songs, or better yet the four of them collaborating on an original song, soon enough. 

Kristel performing "If I Fall."


Maris performing "Take It All Away."


4. Their influence as role models to their fans. With their easy camaraderie, they set a good example for their fans to settle their differences and be friends with one another.

Regardless of who they were rooting for, everyone had a blast that night.


Curious about the songs they performed that night? Here's the setlist.


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