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Dining Delight: Why Your Hello Kitty Lovin' Is Perfect When Resto-Hopping In HK

Dining Delight: Why Your Hello Kitty Lovin' Is Perfect When Resto-Hopping In HK

Only an hour and a half away from Manila, a lot of Filipinos frequent Hong Kong for a quick getaway. If you’re one of those people and happen to be a Hello Kitty fan as well, surely you’re now looking to try something new. Why don’t you drop by one of the most talked-about restaurants lately and visit Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine.

5. It’s the first of its kind. There are a lot of Hello Kitty cafes in different places around the globe but only this place can boast as being the first and so far only Hello Kitty-themed Chinese restaurant in the world. They don’t just serve the regular cakes and pastries stamped with Hello Kitty’s face in them. Say hello to Hello Kitty dimsum, buns, noodles, and more!


4. The interiors are modern and stylish. You’ll find no cliche pinks, hearts, and flowers here. Instead, you’ll be greeted with warm wooden furniture with Hello Kitty’s ribbon tastefully carved in them. You’ll also find that the plates, cups, and teapots are all white adorned with gold Hello Kitty designs. At the VIP area, you can enjoy being surrounded by four custom made artworks of Hello Kitty in the style of traditional Chinese paintings. Everything here has been carefully designed to give it a very high-end, fine dining atmosphere. 

3. The ingredients used are surprisingly healthy. The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Man Kwong, owns a health magazine and he says that this inspired him to create a restaurant where he can serve food with healthy ingredients. Yes, no artificial food colorings here! Hello Kitty’s face is instead made of beets, corns, beans and other natural ingredients. 

2. Everything is Instagram-worthy, especially the food! Get those smart phones ready and pretend to be a food blogger for the day. Of course, the highlight of the restaurant is the food and everything is absolutely picture perfect. There’s no room here for sloppily designed Hello Kitty treats; the head chef underwent strict training to learn how to get Hello Kitty’s proportions just right. And the training sure paid off. Each dish is designed to Hello Kitty perfection. You’ll find yourself saying “It’s just too cute to eat!” 


1. The custard buns are to die for. Ok, so the most important questions is: Is the food any good? And the answer to that is a resounding yes! The dimsum dishes are just as good as the dimsum in local restaurants in Hong Kong (which means, they’re really good). But hands down, the custard buns are a must-try! Made of soft, warm, creamy salted egg yolk, you’ll enjoy these to the very last bite. 


Now that we’ve convinced you to go, just be sure you prepare your wallet because fine dining in Hello Kitty style does not come in cheap! Each order of dimsum can cost you around 400 pesos!

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine can be found at Shop A-C, G/F Lee Loy Mansion, 332-338 Canton Rd, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


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About the Author: Sheena Sy Gonzales is an illustrator, designer and travel writer. She also regularly writes about her adventures on her blog To see more photos about her visit to this restaurant, click here Follow her on Instagram @sheenalovessunsets




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