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Hot Stuff: This Senate Bill Might Be The Answer To Our Traffic Woes

Hot Stuff: This Senate Bill Might Be The Answer To Our Traffic Woes

While many roads are being rehabilitated and widened, along with new traffic rules being implemented, it seems that there’s barely any improvement to the insane traffic situation most of us experience on a daily basis.


With vehicle sales increasing by 27.6% in 2016, it's not surprising that we see more cars on the road nowadays. Aside from the sheer volume of cars traveling around the metro and lack of discipline and absence of very efficient rules, one of the factors causing traffic congestion are cars that are parked along the streets. In light of this, the MMDA, together with local government units, are working extra hard in clearing the streets of illegally parked vehicles. Sounds cool and just appropriate for them to do so, right?


While the idea of passing a bill that prohibits people from buying cars without proof that they have a garage did not push through back in 2014, we got good news for you: Both the Congress and the Senate are making efforts in order to make a “No Garage, No Car” bill a reality!

In an initiative by neophyte Senator Joel Villanueva, the “No Garage, No Car” bill is getting its second chance to becoming a law in the Philippines. In Villanueva’s version, those who intend to purchase a motor vehicle should present an affidavit that “a permanent parking space or facility already exists for the motor vehicle which is subject of the sale.”

“Immediate passage of this bill is of utmost importance,” Villanueva said in his explanatory note. Read more about the bill Villanueva filed here. Because, you really should have a garage before getting a car—it's a major social responsibility, if you ask us.


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