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Workplace Politics and Why No One Should Bother With It Anymore

Workplace Politics and Why No One Should Bother With It Anymore

You've probably been there, have seen it or done it even if you don't admit it out loud. Whether you're the one who got pushed to the side or the one who did the pushing, workplace politics is ugly from all angles. And if you're not convinced about its unpleasant effects even for those who seem to think they have the upper hand, here are more reasons why no one should bother with it anymore.

Everyone's busy

Even the ones who are not busy are busy pretending to be busy doing nothing. But seriously, have you ever heard of the saying “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it”? So yes, believe that workplace politics can be eradicated and you can do your part by being more productive with getting things done.

Honesty pays off

...and sometimes pays well too. Being upfront about your goals and inner ambition is something to be proud of; thus, if you allow yourself to be completely honest about it, you may find other people working with you on achieving a common goal faster instead of against you. Skip the scheming and if they buy into your ideals then that'd be your biggest payoff as you'd be amazed at how quick they'd be on board with you.

Harmony is always better

You don't have to be a peace-loving person to recognize that harmony in the workplace or anywhere else for that matter, is always better. Does anyone want to come to work with such heavy vibe and low spirits all because your colleagues have warring ideas and won't get along? You know you don't.


It may be easier said than done but as partners, employees or even big bosses of  a company, everyone has the responsibility to create a positive atmosphere where people can grow together and ideally, synergize for the long haul.

Now get to work. 




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