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Cheat Sheet: Be Internet-Smart By Mastering These Anti-Hacking Tips

Cheat Sheet: Be Internet-Smart By Mastering These Anti-Hacking Tips

Yesterday, something unusual happened in the interwebz: After Metro Magazine revealed its October Issue cover featuring Nadine Lustre and James Reid on Instagram, the account was hacked and deactivated:

This is what happened to Metro Magazine's Instagram account last night.


The issue was not limited to Metro, however. Entertainment magazine Inside Showbiz also lost their Instagram account after posting their cover featuring James Reid:


The hacking issue is so bad, that even users allegedly posting JaDine-related content lost access to their social media accounts. While Metro Magazine got its account back, we do think that as internet-savvy users, we should be smarter when it comes to handling our online accounts. Here are a few things to remember to avoid hacking incidents like this:


1. Don't let anyone know your login credentials. Aside from using strong passwords, you should only let people authorized to access accounts (ie. social media managers) know the login credentials. The less number of people knowing the login credentials, the less chances hackers can penetrate your accounts.


2. Be wary of using public computers (or public internet). While we are all for free internet, the security of these public WiFi hotspots is not guaranteed. If, by any chance, you have to update your online accounts through these public hotspots, make sure to log out and clear your browser's cache before logging out of a public hotspot.


3. Check those emails carefully. When Nadine received this, she immediately noted something suspicious about the email, particularly regarding the sender.

With that in mind, if you receive an email about your account being compromised, do not believe it right away. Make sure to check all of the details of the said email. A quick giveaway that it's not legit is if the email sender has a complicated-looking address.


4. Get a reliable anti-malware software. In addition to the usual antivirus software, it is also important to install anti-malware software as well. In case you have yet to install one on your smartphone or computer, better get one now. There are several anti-malware software out there; in fact, some are free to download.


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