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The Six Fix: Steps To Achieve A Glam Look Even When You're On Hyperactive Mode

The Six Fix: Steps To Achieve A Glam Look Even When You're On Hyperactive Mode

Even with the colder months here and now, we're still not exempt from the excessive heat brought about by daily factors. And there are days when we're all extra sweaty thanks to our never-ending errands. Good thing we never have to compromise on our appearance, especially now that all types of makeup formulas you can imagine is available in the market. With the right products and application techniques, you'll never be caught in a messy (makeup) situation.

If you're still clueless on how to keep your glam even when you're on get-active mode (or simply just have too much going on), here's a cheat sheet on how to achieve just that, as shared by M.A.C Cosmetics Philippines Events Artist, Ryan G. Wong:


1. Prep your skin. Begin with a soothing water mist, then tone with lotion spray that conditions and adds moisture to the face. Apply a sheer layer of gel creme for more luminousity, and finally, sunscreen!


2. Try a long-wearing foundation. Apply a longwearing foundation with SPF on areas that need coverage. Better choose a product that doubles as concealer, to lessen application time and the bulky feel on the skin.


3. Set your base. Powder face (to set foundation) with pressed powder and put a bit of flush with blush on the apples of your cheeks.


4. Prime the eyes. Apply a thin layer of eye base on lids before applying eyeshadow. It's also better to opt for long-wearing eye pencil and waterproof mascara.

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5. Prime the lips. Apply a moisturing balm or lip base before applying lip color for feather-proof lip makeup.

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6. Freshen up. For midday touch ups, just keep a bottle of water mist handy and tap a bit of pressed powder on shiny areas. Done!


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