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In Focus: Which Nadine Lustre Character Are You?

In Focus: Which Nadine Lustre Character Are You?

Maybe the reason why Nadine Lustre is such a hit is because, aside from her good looks, amazing personality, and triple talent, her portrayal of her roles are easily relatable. Thus, many girls can see themselves in her character's shoes.

We're sure you're one of these Nadine Lustre characters—which among them is your persona?


Eya Rodriguez, the Ugly Duckling (Diary ng Panget, 2014). She's the unassuming beauty—although in the beginning, yes, she indeed was portrayed as the pimple-infested teen who gets bullied in school. But inner beauty shines, and as her confidence started blooming, so does she. 


Miracle Samantha Perez, the Against-All-Odds Girl (Talk Back and You're Dead, 2014). She's got it all—but she doesn't want it all. The only thing that matters is being with the person she loves, so she's gonna fight for it no matter what. She's determined and brave, and no one can stop her from pursuing the things she badly wants.


Becca Del Mundo, the Hopeless Romantic (Para sa Hopeless Romantic, 2015). She's not just in love, she's also been in love with the idea of love since the beginning of her life. She writes about tales of romance endlessly. The stories of a boy and a girl and their happy ending run wildly inside her head. But once she had her heart broken, those dreams came crashing and she furiously writes them off—all sad and sappy and undone.


Leah Olivar, Miss Ambitious (On the Wings of Love, 2015). She's unstoppable. Rejection or failure do not waver her spirits—instead, she uses these to motivate her to continue to dream. And in time, she reaches the dream and gets what she truly deserves.

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Ava Buhay, the Commitment-phobe (This Time, 2016). She's always been certain about one thing—she loves him. But she's also certain that she doesn't want to lose this special person, and fear overtook her. Settling made her uneasy, bothered, and restless, but thought it's better that way, else she'll make the wrong move.


Iris Duico, the Wife Material (Till I Met You, 2016). She does everything to make sure the people she loves do not get harmed or in anyway, feel pain. However, her patience is always tested, and when conflicts start to arise, she starts to worry—and erupts in bottled up emotions. [related: In Focus: JaDine's Reel and Real Love Journey From San Francisco to Santorini]


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