In Focus: Enjoy An Art Gallery-esque Experience At Julia Barretto's Home

In Focus: Enjoy An Art Gallery-esque Experience At Julia Barretto's Home

Julia Barretto may be not be visible lately and pretty much on hiatus also on social media (she just started updating her Instagram account a few days ago), but she's actually got her hands full with work (she's currently taping for upcoming movie Vince and Kath). Even so, she makes sure to always put a premium on family time. In times when she's not busy, Julia is spotted with her siblings Leon, Dani, and Claudia, and mother Marjorie at home:

Julia with siblings Leon, Dani, Claudia, and mom Marjorie.


Speaking of home bonding, the Barrettos give importance to Sundays: This day of the week is alloted for catch up with relatives, via lunch and dinner; 

Sundays would mean bonding with their relatives and cousins at their posh home.


For entertainment nights, there are parlor games and video games.

Julia and her siblings, cousins, and friends are very competitive when it comes to video games. Case in point: This snap where they showcase their best moves at video game "Dance Central."


There are also slumber parties with some of their friends from showbiz.

Erich Gonzales is among Julia and Dani's friends who would hang out at the Barretto residence once in a while.


With all the snaps of the activities happening at the Barretto home shared by Marjorie, you'll notice how the Barrettos have a thing for collecting various paintings...

One can mistake this part of Marjorie's home for an art gallery with the number of paintings and sculptures present.


That complement other elaborate pieces in their home like their chandeliers and wooden pieces.

Aside from champagne-colored chandeliers, a large painting is among the eye-catching pieces in the Barrettos' dining area.


 The two paintings complement the wood furniture present in their entertainment area. 


The Barrettos' love for art extends to the bedroom of Julia's mom, in fact! Instead of paintings, Marjorie opted for a wallpaper with printed graphics on it.

The wallpaper goes well with Marjorie's bedframe.
 Julia and Claudia bonding with Marjorie in her room.


With such fancy details at home, it is not surprising why Julia, just like her aunt Gretchen, has a penchant for good design and art. 


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