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In Focus: How Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Keeps On Proving She's The Kween To Love

In Focus: How Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Keeps On Proving She's The Kween To Love

How does a queen celebrate her birthday?

Well, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach chose to keep it quiet and intimate, with the people who matter most to her—and ain't that just sweet? No matter how much of a global icon she has become, she has never forgotten her roots and chooses to spend special moments in a non-flashy way.


And her loved ones couldn't be any more thrilled as they got to indulge on an uninterrupted bonding night with their queen at Naxional South American Diner last September 24. Organized by Pia's mentor and the man behind Aces & Queens, Jonas Gaffud, the party was two-part: First, an intimate gathering with some of her fans, and then an exclusive party for her friends followed. "Pia looked very happy and blooming that night," shared one of her best friends, Arvie Dizon.

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Arvie also shared some photos from their celebration, and we just can't help but notice how these images showcase a Pia who, no doubt, effortlessly proves to us that she's the kween to love, with her authenticity and realness:


1. Catching up with her friends was top priority, instead of werqing it for shoots.


2. She still knows how to appreciate surprises, meaning she doesn't feel entitled to be on the receiving end of special treatment.


3. She knows the power of girl power, keeping her fellow queens close.


4. And she's a staunch supporter of Filipino talent! She knows how to express her gratitude to those who have helped her along the way, like fashion designer Albert Andrada (leftmost).


5. She has a very healthy relationship with her parents, biological or not. Queen P and Mama Jonas' bond hasn't waned a bit.


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Photographs courtesy of Arvie Dizon and from (banner and photo by the wall)




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