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Cheat Sheet: Steal Angelica Panganiban's Style Perfect For Short-Haired Beauties

Cheat Sheet: Steal Angelica Panganiban's Style Perfect For Short-Haired Beauties

We often see girls with long hair in most, if not all, commercials, billboards, and ads. Their crowning glory perfectly frames their faces that it has somehow become a standard for the word beautiful. But thankfully, over the years, cutting your mane short has become not so bad at all—and soon enough, short is no longer considered drab or unfashionable. It's likewise beautiful.

One celebrity who has embraced the alluring appeal of being short-haired is Angelica Panganiban. But being short-haired, complementary dressing techniques must be applied. But of course, she slays it, too, like she always does, and you'll never catch her in shabby clothes despite the struggle of putting together an outfit. For short-haired ladies out there, take inspiration from the Hugot Queen herself!


1. Be more feminine with an embellished, classy top. Short hair is often associated with boyishness, so to soften your look, a feminine top is the best choice. Dainty shoes and classy accessories work for this style, too!


2. Minis work best for you. To balance your look, going short means both in terms of your hair and outfit! Go for cute dresses that go above the knee, or try a romper for a more casual feel. Feeling a bit shy? Rock your look with a denim jacket like Angelica did. [related: The Six Fix: Celeb-Approved Denim Staples You Should Stock In Your Closet]


3. Add length to your physique! Turtlenecks will elongate your figure, plus shows off your sexy arms! Angelica opts for this style for her swimsuit, which adds more taste to your usual beach attire. [related: Cheat Sheet: Here's Expert Advice On Picking Out Swimwear for Your Body Type]


4. Go plain! To highlight the shortness and enhance the boldness of your cut, going easy on your colors, especially if wearing long bottoms, is the trick to balance it out. 


5. Bohemian is your perfect match. Go crazy with prints, and wear shorts like there's a music fest everyday! Add more vintage-y details like tribal necklaces or chunky beaded bracelets. For a twist, wear sneakers instead of sandals for a more city-appropriate fashion.


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