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The Six Fix: #ZiGi Ways Of Treasuring Each Other That You And Your Partner Should Channel

The Six Fix: #ZiGi Ways Of Treasuring Each Other That You And Your Partner Should Channel

Ex-One Direction band member Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid are just having the time of their lives!


Amidst all the rumors that they have broken up, Zayn and Gigi continue to prove that their relationship is simply getting stronger by the day. Channel this #couplepeg and make your own relationship with your beau more exciting through these ways:


1. Add a fresh twist to your couple photo shoots. How does #ZiGi level up their romance on-camera (and off-camera)? By pulling off a few extreme poses, like Gigi’s handstand pose, kissing Zayn, as part of their photo shoot for fashion magazine Vogue.


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2. Help your partner deal with their issues. Admit it: Not everything in a relationship is always a-ok, so that means you're ready to lend a helping hand when your partner needs it the most. It’s no secret that Zayn has anxiety issues. How does Gigi help him cope? Through a variety of things, ranging from talking to Zayn for hours on the phone, to encouraging Zayn to do yoga and guided meditations, to writing words of encouragement like this one:


Then again, Gigi’s presence alone is enough for Zayn to calm down! Here's proof of this "natural antidote" werqing on Zayn:


squish ya

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3. Support your partner’s endeavors. Anxiety aside, Zayn is very vocal when it comes to cheering Gigi on every time she walks the runway. Zayn is also very supportive of his girlfriend’s fashion collection:

He even wore one of the pieces for a photo shoot:

4. Bond over home-cooked food. If you got a beau that cooks legit yummy food, you'd surely look forward to going home every single day. In the case of Gigi, she is loving British food thanks to Zayn. 

In an interview with ES Magazine, Gigi shared that she likes the fact that Zayn loves to cook. "He makes a brilliant curry. Butter chicken is his signature dish,” Gigi adds. In addition to Zayn's signature dishes, Gigi shares that she loves having Heinz baked beans for breakfast, and "endless cups of tea" with Zayn.


5. Let your furry friends join in on the fun. Who says bonding with your partner can only involve the two of you? In Zayn and Gigi's case, they also share their love for one another with Zayn's pet cat. Mind you: Even cats can sense human feelings, so they can sense even the authenticity of your relationship with your partner.


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6. Take a vacation together...with the family. Further proof that they are serious with one another? When Gigi joined Zayn and his family for a vacation in Tahiti.


Prior to this Tahiti vacation, Gigi was spotted with Zayn's mother in Disneyland Califonia. Making their romantic vacation also a family affair (Zayn and Gigi were accompanied by Zayn’s mother and two sisters) cements the fact that their relationship is as real as it can get.


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