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Daily Diaries: 10 Videos Of The Kramer Kids That Will Make You Want To Bring Them Home

Daily Diaries: 10 Videos Of The Kramer Kids That Will Make You Want To Bring Them Home

Team Kramer kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin have been giving their parents Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia-Kramer so many reasons to be proud of them: Besides being favorites for endorsements and photo shoots, they are smart and witty kids. Even in their unguarded moments, the natural charm of the Kramer children make for a major reason why Team Kramer is one happy family.

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Here are 10 videos of the Kramer kids in their most candid moments, as captured by Doug and Cheska on video, that will make you want to pray to the highest heavens that you have kids like them:


1. Going giddy over Liza Soberano's video greet. After Doug posted a video featuring Kendra and Scarlett's admiration for Liza’s natural beauty, the Kramer girls receive a greeting from Miss Soberano herself. Their reaction? Simply priceless.

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2. Pain? What pain? Kendra was all smiles as daddy Doug pulled her front tooth out. She even striked a pose after the successful attempt.


3. Slide, slide, slide away! Even at a young age, Scarlett is already a pro when it comes to taking those extreme selfies. She even captured daddy Doug’s slide ride perfectly, in fact!



4. The Sleepy One. Gavin tries his best to be “sleepy” while doing homework, but his sister and mother catches him giggling while sleeping!


5. “Potato is a vegetable.” While Doug and Cheska kid about about the "healthy" chips their children are eating, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin simply took their sweet time enjoying the snack.


6. “Daddy, I can borrow Gavin’s shoes.” Scarlett, being a sneaky sister, decides to wear Gavin’s shoes while her brother and ate Kendra are asleep. She even tried to ask Gavin if she could wear his shoes. Awww!


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7. "Are you sad? Are you happy?". In a candid moment, Gavin asked mommy Cheska if she is sad or happy, just like any loving son.


8. Missing two front teeth? No problem! While Kendra has to deal with two missing front teeth (as part of growing up), she is proud to show on camera the “secret” behind her perfect smile in photos and commercials.


9. Let's shop! Kendra and Scarlett want to go shopping, and what better way to shop? By asking for their parents' credit card, no less!


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10. Monkey business. No matter how many times daddy Doug would trick Gavin, the young Kramer knows his animals well!


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