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Hot Stuff: David Beckham Is Too Sexy In His “22 Push-Up Challenge” Videos

Hot Stuff: David Beckham Is Too Sexy In His “22 Push-Up Challenge” Videos

If football star and style icon David Beckham will be your push-up coach, we bet you'd certainly push yourself waaaayyyy moooorrreeee. How can you not, if he makes push-ups look as sexy as this?


Even with clothes on, there’s something about Beckham’s push-ups that will convince you to do this calisthenics exercise anywhere: At the office, in the gym, or even at home. Heck, Beckham has even tried doing push-ups onboard a plane, 44,000 feet above the ground!


But David is not doing this just so he can show off his hot bod—far from it, actually. This one is for a very good cause: Tagged as this year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The 22 Push-up Challenge aims to raise awareness by challenging people to do pushups for 22 consecutive days. The advocacy? To make people aware of the number of soldiers committing suicide (2010 statistics say it is approximately 22 US soldiers daily) due to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Beyond being a mental disorder affecting war veterans, 22 Kill, the movement behind the challenge, also aims to raise awareness regarding mental health issues.

Funds raised through this campaign will be used towards empowering veterans, counseling veterans and their families, and treatment for these mental disorders. In addition to Beckham, other participants of the 22 Push-Up Challenge include actors Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans

Are you up for this challenge?


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Illustration by Jana Jimenez




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