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Dining Delight: Solenn Heussaff's Homemade Dishes To Help You Please The Most Discerning Of Palates

Dining Delight: Solenn Heussaff's Homemade Dishes To Help You Please The Most Discerning Of Palates

Time and time again, Solenn Heussaff has proven why she is the ultimate life peg of many women as she can pretty much excel in everything that she sets her mind on. Be it singing, dancing, acting, and hosting, to painting, and doing people’s makeup professionally, you’ll be hard pressed to think of one thing this multi-faceted woman can’t do, and one quick look at her Instagram feed will further tell you that she is also good in the kitchen, too!


Aside from giving us a peek at her very colorful life, Solenn also enjoys posting photos of dishes she prepared herself with the hashtag #SolennCooking. And here are some that will surely whet your appetite:




1. This is what breakfast looks like at the Heussaff-Bolzico residence a.k.a Casa Pulgosa. "Home made baked tomatoe egg tart for breakfast?" In this photo, Solenn shared how it's done. "Home made or ready made dough, tomatoes, onions, carrots, thyme, salt , pepper, mix: 2 eggs, 100ml milk, 100ml cooking cream topped with parmesan cheese."


Here's another one, Bacon Slab and Tomato Casserole with Feta Egg Soufflé, just by its name, you'll know this is no ordinary bacon-with-rice-and-egg kind of breakfast.



2. Merienda time! Solenn's Tomato Filo Pastry Tart with Dijon Mustard Base, Herbs, Onions, Bell Peppers and an Egg, seems like the perfect snack to munch on before dinner or over a glass of wine after. 



3. Dinner time never looked so interesting with Solenn's Zucchini Carpaccio. "Bought nice ones from a farmer in Benguet. Thinly sliced, olive oil, salt and pepper, basil and parmesan shavings. Simple and delish."


4. Solenn isn't the only one in their family that has a talent in the kitchen, as her brother Erwan is just as good and creative when it comes to cooking. Here they are working on their version of Bicol Express a la Heussaff Siblings. 


The finished product:


5. Solenn puts the saying "Nothing beats a home-cooked meal" to a whole new level. As this plate of Scallop Carrot Yellow Bell Pepper Salad with Honey Glaze Sauce looks like it came straight from the kitchen of a fancy restaurant.


6. Solenn has the knack for making even the simplest dish made of carrots look so yummy! "This is simple: toss carrots with olive oil, thyme and a bit of honey, salt, and pepper and into the oven. Your kids will love it. Make them eat their veggies." Solenn shares.


7. Solenn is very hands on when it comes to prepping her meals even when she has work. Here she prepped a quick late lunch before work—White Asparagus with Egg, French Home-made Vinaigrette Dressing and Sweet Balsamic.

8. Nico Bolzico is one lucky man, and this photo and caption shows why. "Dinner for the lover. Quinoa with almonds and herbs, sweet balsamic onions, carrots, yellow bell peppers with basil and mirin, tortang eggplant with tomatoe salsa, and oven baked balsamic salmon."


And for dessert, dried fruits and spice chocolate slice with greek yogurt and strawberries. The look on Nico's face attest to how good it is.


9. You know how sometimes we know the food is good just by looking at it? Solenn's masterpieces are such. Making each of her home-cooked dishes look so appetizing, she's make you wish you were there to taste it, like this one for example. "Cooked spanish inspired dishes for tonight! Liquid spiced mashed potato with soft boiled egg, bacon, and mushrooms, and spicy lemon squid in its ink with parsley and white wine."


10. Not one to run out of ideas, Solenn turned the well-loved kalabasa or pumpkin into a healthy yet enticing-looking dish.  "Super good, simple to do as well: Oven baked kalabasa with salt pepper and cinamon. Sauce: greek yogurt with lemon and garlic, topped with corriander pesto, and toasted almonds, then drizzle with siracha."


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