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Cheat Sheet: Cop Georgina Wilson's Maternity Style

Cheat Sheet: Cop Georgina Wilson's Maternity Style

When you're pregnant, dressing up can be a major challenge, but being pregnant shouldn't mean giving up trying to look good. There are so many maternity options now that can flatter your beautiful shape—whether you're carrying it high or low or you're small or big all over, it's easy. If your body changes are stumping you, though, here are some inspiration and tips for dressing with a growing baby bump. These casual chic looks take the hassle out of getting dressed and keep you feeling gorgeous all the way just like this ever beautiful mom-to-be Georgina Wilson


1. Keep it casual. Just because your body is changing doesn't mean you need to transform your wardrobe. Look at Georgina, she made it look carefree as she wore her normal clothing, a yellow casual dress and a pair of white sneakers.


2. Long vests, jackets, and coats are your best friend. Whether you're tall, plus-size, or just feeling bigger than your usual self, don't let trying on clothes become a battle. Soft fabrics and longer lines like these on Georgina are simply just the best ways to help you feel great while still accentuating your beautiful bump.


3. Add a little height. Yes, women can wear heels without hurting their developing baby, too, unless they make mommy trip and fall. So make sure that if you decide to wear heels, consider wearing lower ones as your pregnancy progresses, and remember to place comfort and safety over fashion.


4. Look good in a form-fitting style. When you're five, six, or seven months pregnant, accentuate your stomach because it's sexy. You don't want to look bigger when you're pregnant, so it's a fine line, but stretchy dresses, for sure, will show off your shape in a good way. 


5. Feel sexy. Just when you thought swimsuit shopping couldn't get any more stressful, you now have to dress a growing baby bump. But don't you worry because a vibrant suit like this will just make you want to grab an umbrella'ed mocktail, no? Note: Bold blooms keep eyes traveling so your style looks dynamic.


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