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In Focus: Can Anyone Be A Hero?

In Focus: Can Anyone Be A Hero?

Jaclyn Jose’s Best Actress accolade for Ma’Rosa at Cannes; Hidilyn Diaz’s Rio Olympics win; Lav Diaz’s Ang Babaeng Humayo’s Gold Lion Award from the Venice Film Festival—more than reasons to be proud to be Filipino, I’m sure you would agree that these wins are hard work and determination come to life, inspiring many to never stop believing and never stop walking towards their goals and dreams. These are our very own bright spots, heroic moments even, in this era of uncertainty.

Our history classes schooled us on heroes who fought with swords and guns, who literally gave up their lives in the pursuit of our country’s independence. But now when battles are waged not against colonizers, but for survival in the traffic-stricken streets, triumph against poverty and unjust circumstances, or simply for the pursuit of excellence no matter what curveballs life throws your way, anyone being a hero has become more possible.  The main weapons you must have? We think it’s lots and lots of drive, determination, and in true Pinoy fashion, diskarte to make a difference. We spotted these Johnnie Walker billboards around the metro and can’t help but be inspired by these “regular people”’s triumphs:


From Backstage to Best Director

Philippine films are becoming more and more recognized on the international stage, much thanks to the visionary filmmakers who keep on pushing, even if it’s a huge challenge to go head to head with higher budget international films. They’re heroes for showing everyone that our country is teeming with talented people and compelling stories that the world just has to see and hear. Be a hero: Just like these Filipino directors and artists, start caring enough about what’s happening around you so you can shed light on stories that truly matter.


From Saltwater to the Spotlight

Once you start caring enough, you’ll realize that there’s something you can do to help alleviate not just your personal circumstances, but the circumstances around you. The smallest idea can make a big difference if it’s for a good cause. Pour your heart and mind into something for the greater good, and we guarantee you, even the most tedious work will feel heartwarming. Be a hero: Find a cause you’re passionate about and give it your best shot.


From OFW to NYU

Cliché as this sounds, never let your circumstances dictate your future. Who says you can’t aim high and reach those dreams of yours just because you weren’t dealt with a better lot in life? Ambition and hard work can trump education and talent so never be afraid to go after what you want—you’ll not just reach your bliss but you’ll also be able to inspire others. Be a hero: Change your mindset from “No can do” to “Yes I can!”. Keep walking towards your personal progress, and be the change you want to see in this world.


Yes, in this day and age, anyone can be a hero—but first start being the hero of your own life.


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Photographs courtesy of Johnnie Walker Philippines








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