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The Six Fix: Hottie Pegs For "The One"

The Six Fix: Hottie Pegs For

Girls are always on the look out for The One. From thinking it's their guy best friend to trying out blind dates, or from going back to their exes or seeing someone they met online, there are all these avenues where he can be found. But apart from the places, the standards come next—what a girl is looking for in a partner, in terms of face value and personality. We have the typical "Tall, Dark, and Handsome," which varies depending on you, of course. But to help you just in case you're still confused, here are tell-tale signs that he might be good for you. Better make this list your checklist, because there are actual guys who are these types—check them out!


1. He focuses on his dreams. And actually reaches for it. Kobe Paras, who has been making noise in the international basketball scene, is living proof that any dream is within your reach (with hard work, confidence, and skill, of course). If he sees where his future can be, you can be sure that if you got together, he has a future planned with you, too.


2. He's brave. When he has this #GameFaceOn in whatever aspect of life, but most especially during troubling situations a.k.a life-threatening moments (like this LA Aguinaldo close snake encounter) or even facing his feelings for you, you'll know he's really for keeps.


3. He's always ready with a smile. In highs or lows, in sickness or in health. He'll be radiating positivity that those dark clouds over your head will go away the moment you see his face brightening up with a wide grin. JC Santos is one of those guys you can count for your daily dose of sunshine.



4. He's close to his family. It's an indicator of how much he values the most important people in his life. It also shows how he's raised as a person—just like hoe Robi Domingo is as tight-knit to the rest of the brood, it's a good sign.

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5. He's up for anything. If he's an adventurer, you'll know he'll take you to places you've never been, adding to your growth as a person. There will be a lot of learning experiences together, and isn't it a nice way to deepen your relationship should that time come? Travel YouTuber Wil Dasovich sure knows what an escapade should be like—with his camera in hand and his witty personality ready, wherever he goes!

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6. He has a big heart. The cue you'll ever need, actually, is if his good heart surfaces above anything else. Good guy example: Enchong Dee, so passionate in the sport, holds swimming lessons for kids, for free! He's willing to share his time, energy and skills to people who need help, and does it without hesitation. It means he's not selfish, and cares for others, too—what more when it's you?


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