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The Six Fix: Fresh Comic Book Series You Should Check Out This National Comic Book Day

The Six Fix:  Fresh Comic Book Series You Should Check Out This National Comic Book Day

Kick Ass, Watchmen, and The Dark Knight: What's the common denominator of these blockbuster movies? They were derived from comic books! While there has been debate in previous years on whether comic books (and graphic novels) can be considered literature, we can’t deny the fact that they're a huge part of pop culture.

Which is why every 25th of September has been dedicated by comic book fans and enthusiasts to their love for comics a.k.a National Comic Book Day. Thinking of new and fresh comic books to read? Here are some of our recommendations:


1. Black Panther. Following the blockbuster success of Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Black Panther solo movie in 2018, Marvel is keeping its fans busy as it released a solo comic book series for the black superhero. Penned by award-winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, the comic book series further explores T’Challa's (Black Panther’s human name) struggles in maintaining the peace and harmony in the kingdom of Wakanda, where he is the king.

Making this particular comic book series unique is the fact that it's written by a person of color, something that's rare in the comic book world. Oh and have we mentioned that it's also one of the top-selling comic books of 2016?



2. Cry Havoc. Looking for something less mainstream but has an interesting story plot? This Simon Spurrier and Ryan Kelly-written comic book series integrates war, mythology, and issues on gender and sexuality in one cohesive story involving a lesbian werewolf.

Best described as a modern fantasy-military drama, Cry Havoc’s protagonist, Louise Canton, has a character so complex that it keeps its readers excited at her next move as the story develops.



3. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Newsflash, '90s kids: One of your favorite cartoons is making a comeback in the form of a movie (that’s coming out next year) and a comic book series. Written by Kyle Higgins, the BOOM! Studios comic series explores further the stories of our favorite Power Rangers characters, tackling elements both old and new.



4. I Am A Hero. Fancy a story where a non-hero deals with a zombie apocalypse? Kengo Hanazawa’s zombie apocalypse manga (made into English by publisher Dark Horse Comics) gives us a more relatable, close-to-home story in the character of manga artist Hideo Suzuki.

Would you expect someone as lonesome and unfulfilled as Suzuki to be able to save the city from a zombie apocalypse, along with people he gets to meet along the way? You’ll be surprised at just how he succeeds in his mission.



5. Earth One Wonder Woman. Aside from Wonder Woman’s upcoming solo movie next year, everyone fell in love with the Amazonian heroine even more thanks to Gal Gadot’s portrayal in Batman vs. Superman. As fans await for Wonder Woman’s solo movie, they could go read this new graphic novel by Grant Morrisson and Yanick Paquette. Here, Diana defies Amazonian rules by leaving Paradise Island and visiting the Forbidden World, unsure of and unprepared for what she will see.



6. Dark Night: A True Batman StoryWith this year’s release of Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, the clamor for fresh Batman stories is in demand more than ever. With this graphic novel penned by award-winning writer Paul Dini and Eduardo Russo, this autobiographical story focuses on Batman helping an abused and discouraged individual (in the person of Dini himself) face the world once again.

What makes this take interesting is how it narrates Dini’s mugging experience in the '90s, where he nearly lost his life, while integrating Batman into his road to recovery.



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