Hot Stuff: This Twitter Account Is More Than Your Average Millennial Freedom Wall

Hot Stuff: This Twitter Account Is More Than Your Average Millennial Freedom Wall

In the age of social media, we all can see that millennials have become more active now more than ever when it comes to giving their opinion on national issues. Perhaps because of the power the internet gives them to voice out their opinion; or probably because they've just had enough and would like to share their two cents' worth, whether something intellectual or something hilarious.

These include this video where millennials meet Martial Law Victims in person, students ignoring an improv performance of an actor playing the role of a martial law victim's parent, and articles pointing out that millennials are victims as well.

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But of course there are still the trolls or the memas, who really have nothing sensible to say about Martial Law, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's manners during presscons, and ongoing investigations regarding extrajudicial killings and illegal drug trade. But this story is not about them. We shine the spotlight on Twitter account Millennial of MNL (@MillennialofMNL), which represents quite well how the concerned group of millenials today think.

Described as "Your average millennial" in its profile, this Twitter account (they also have a Facebook account as well) has its share of typical millennial musings, from art, pop culture, hugot lines, to the occassional feeling of being entitled. Yet, what sets it apart is how it's very well-aware of the country's current events. Women's rights? Equality? Responsible journalism? It has something relevant to tweet:


1. When asked about democracy today.


2. When asked about how women should be protected.


3. When asked about extrajudicial killings and human rights.


4. When asked about its definition of extrajudicial killings.


5. When they are questioned for criticizing articles by international publishers.


6. When asked about the quality of our politicians.


7. When it makes you realize that there are issues bigger than the Brangelina split.

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8. When asked about its definition of NOT being bias.


9. When they take a look at the comments section.


10. When talking about the Marcoses.


BONUS: Its swift response to those complaining about politics on their social media nowadays:


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