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In Focus: Women Are Better In Driving Than What You Actually Think

In Focus: Women Are Better In Driving Than What You Actually Think

Whenever there’s a slow driver in front of someone’s car, there’s the instant thinking that the person behind the wheel is a woman. Yes, women are often underestimated, especially in tasks that social norm imply as “masculine.” But in this age where women take a stand and actually take the lead, the female population has proven their strength and capabilities. Because women are more than just mothers and daughters—they are a force to behold.

It's also nice that more and more organizations are supporting this school of though. One that caught our eye is Bridgestone Philippines' #IAmBetterThanYouThink campaign, which aims to empower women to drive. By adding numbers to these women who drive, it encourages others to do the same, too!

This inspiring venture also targets to spread the word on safe driving. By keeping a few reminders in mind, imagine a world with no vehicular accidents—wouldn't it be a better place to live in?

And because women are known to be more nurturing, they care for others so they always consider—from parking and positioning techniques to which tires to use for your next journey, expect only what's best.

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For newbies though, this video contains some information you may need to carry as a legit driver—these details may come in handy in case of emergency!


Just imagine all your loved ones depending on you when you start the engine, that determination to prove that You. Can. Do. It, like what racer Gaby dela Merced, whom we met at the recent History Con here in Manila, did as she made a name for herself in the race track and beyond.

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So go on and take the wheel! There’s no stopping you from being the queen of the road–release your inhibitions and hurl on!


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